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Cutting the cable connection to coax connector illustrating people cancelling cable TV service

Editorial: There Is a Real War Against Cord Cutting

This is something that I have hinted at in the past but it has now become too obvious to ignore. With all the poorly conceived anti-cord cutting stories I have to speak out. There is an organized effort to aggressively go after cord cutting. (There I said it.) Clearly there is an organized group with […]

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The Great Escape

Amazon is Having a Movie Sale (August 18th 2017)

Amazon is having their typical weekend movie sales this time putting a handful of movies at $4.99. My personal recommendation is the classic movie The Great Escape. A great movie you will likely want to see again. So here are a few highlights of the $4.99 Amazon movie sale: The Great Escape In the role […]

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Teenager girl with remote control laying down and watching tv eating popcorn.

YouTube TV Announces Plans For More Device Support

Back when YouTube TV launched Google hinted at plans to add additional device support; however, since launch there has been no word on support for some of the most popular streaming players such as Roku and the Fire TV. Now it looks like that may be about to change. Yesterday YouTube TV announced plans to […]

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