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  • How Cord Cutting Has Changed Television Forever

    How Cord Cutting Has Changed Television Forever

    Cord cutting is here to stay! Already, it has changed how we view television and movies for good. Let’s consider the impact cord cutting has had on the television and film industries. Movies Are Released on DVD/Streaming More Quickly Ten years ago, we had to wait six-to-ten months for a film to be released on […]

  • Netflix And YouTube Account For 48.93% Of All North American Bandwidth Used

    A recent study from Sandvine showed that Netflix and Youtube combined used 48.93% of all bandwidth used in North America.  Netflix was the leader at 34.89% and YouTube is in second place at 14.04%. Follow by Facebook at 2.98% and BitTorrent at 2.80%. iTunes surprisingly came in at only 2.77 and Amazon Video at 2.58%. HBO had a strong showing […]