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How to Convince Your Spouse to Be a Cord Cutter

I often hear from spouses who want to be cord cutters who cannot convince their significant other to ditch the overpriced TV bill. Increasingly I am hearing from women trying to convince their husbands to become cord cutters. So here are a few tips to help you convince your spouse to become a cord cutter. […]

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My Ultimate Cord Cutting Setup

I was recently asked what my personal at home setup is for cord cutting. That is no short answer, so I thought I would put down in writing what I use in my house. Keep in mind that I own more than 30 cord cutting devices: every Roku sold since 2011, every Fire TV/Fire Stick […]

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Cutting the cable connection to coax connector illustrating retired people cancelling cable TV service

Do You Have a Minute to Help Cord Cutters News?

Cord Cutters News (CCN) is growing, as we do more than ever before. With growth comes more expenses. (Don’t worry- we will always be 100% free). Two years ago I left my job and started working on Cord Cutters News full time. I do this to help millions of people save money and break free from […]

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Scissors cutting a computer wire on gray background (wireless or blackout concept)

How I Spent My Cord Cutting Savings

I have been a cord cutter now for some time and have loved every minute of it. It raised the question of what my wife and I have done with all of our savings. (Something that I estimate north of $8,000 so far.) The first thing we did was pay off a few small credit […]

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