The 2023-24 NHL on ESPN+, Hulu, ESPN, ABC Schedule Release is Here – How to Watch & More




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The 2023-24 National Hockey League regular season begins with Opening Night on Tuesday, October 10 and ESPN and The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) have announced the broadcast schedule with 100 exclusive games to air on ESPN, ABC, ESPN+, and Hulu.

Exclusive events that will air on TWDC networks include the NHL Opening Night Tripleheader, NHL All-Star Weekend 2024, NHL Stadium Series Weekend, and the Stanley Cup Final.

Highlights of the NHL on ESPN, ESPN+, ABC, & Hulu Schedule

  • ESPN+ to air over 1,050 out-of-market games throughout the season with NHL Power Play
  • ESPN/ESPN+ to air Opening Night Tripleheader: Predators vs. Lightning, Blackhawks vs. Penguins, Kraken vs. Golden Knights
  • 2024 NHL All-Star Weekend in Toronto: All-Star Skills Challenge on ESPN/ESPN+ & 2024 NHL All-Star Game on ABC/ESPN+
  • Presidents’ Day Doubleheader on ESPN: Auston Matthews’ Maple Leafs at JordanKyrou’s Blues and Red Wings at Kraken
  • 2024 NHL Stadium Series at MetLife Stadium: Flyers vs. Devils and Rangers vs. Islanders – both on ABC/ESPN+

Check out the full broadcast schedule at the bottom of the page and find out how to watch the NHL on ESPN platforms and Hulu, below.

How to Watch Live NHL Games on ESPN, ESPN+, Hulu & ABC

Keep money in your pocket this upcoming NHL season by streaming your favorite team on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or any other compatible device by subscribing to a live TV streaming service. The NHL on ABC and ESPN is available to stream on DIRECTV STREAMSling TV, FuboVidgoHulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV. If you live near an ABC affiliate, you can watch the network for free with an antenna and a tool like Antenna Web can let you know what channel is in your area.

ESPN+ will be home to many out-of-market games throughout the season and some games may be available with a subscription to Hulu.

You can learn more about each streaming service, below.

Stream Live NHL Games on DIRECTV STREAM

DIRECTV STREAM carries live NHL games on ABC and ESPN. With the Entertainment package, you’ll get access to over 75 live channels, including ESPN and ABC, plus more NHL games on TNT, throughout the 2023-24 season for only $74.99/mo. Relive your favorite moments throughout the season with unlimited DVR storage.

New subscribers can take advantage of a 5-day free trial before subscribing, which allows you to live stream ESPN for free online.


Stream Live NHL Games on Sling TV

One of the most affordable ways to watch ABC (in select markets), and ESPN is with Sling TV. Sling’s Orange package is only $40/mo. and it includes a lineup of over 30 channels with the NHL on ESPN. However, if you need ABC, then you’ll have to subscribe to Sling Blue for $40/mo. or Sling Orange & Blue for $55/mo. Sling Orange & Blue gives you the NHL on ESPN, ABC, and other nationally televised games on TNT.

Never miss any of your favorite shows, movies, sports, or more with 50 hours of DVR storage included with each plan.

For a limited time, new subscribers can get half off of their first month.

Sign up for Sling TV

Stream Live NHL Games on Fubo

After making its name as a sports-oriented streaming service, Fubo is a great way to live stream NHL games on ABC, and ESPN. With a lineup of over 160 live channels and 100+ sporting events for only $74.99/mo., the Pro plan from Fubo gives you access to the NHL on ESPN and ABC and so much more. Relive your favorite moments on the ice and rewatch your favorite shows with 1000 hours of Cloud DVR space.

Sign up for Fubo

Stream Live NHL Games on ESPN+

The best way to watch your favorite team out-of-market is with NHL Power Play on ESPN+. For only $9.99/mo., or $99.99/yr., subscribers can watch out-of-market games live and get access to both teams’ home broadcasts. Get the most out of your hockey viewing experience as the streamer offers replays of every NHL regular season and playoff game on ABC, ESPN, NHL Network, and TNT. As the industry leader in sports streaming, an ESPN+ subscription includes thousands of hours of live sports from college football to the UFC and the PGA and more. Documentaries, studio shows, and exclusive content are also included with the subscription.

Sign up for ESPN+

Stream Live NHL Games on Hulu

Hulu will stream a number of NHL games live via ESPN+ on Hulu. Select games will be available to all Hulu subscribers. However, to make the most out of your viewing experience and your hockey fandom, you’ll need a subscription to Hulu + Live TV to watch the action unfold on the ice.

For $69.99/mo., with Hulu + Live TV, you can stream live NHL games on ESPN, ABC, and it includes the Disney Bundle, so you can watch NHL Power Play on ESPN+, along with thousands of hours of shows and movies on Disney+ and Hulu. With over 85 live TV channels, Hulu + Live TV offers the best in entertainment and news, plus live NHL games on NHL Network, and TNT. Record the hard-hitting action on the ice and your favorite movies and shows for up to 9 months with unlimited DVR.

Sign up for Hulu + Live TV

Stream the NHL on Vidgo

The Plus plan from Vidgo is an affordable way to stream hockey games from the best professional league in the world on ESPN and ABC, and over 110+ live channels for only $69.99/mo. In addition to live channels, Vidgo offers other movies and shows on-demand and an option to record with DVR.

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Stream the NHL on YouTube TV

YouTube TV packs a robust lineup for NHL fans. Never miss a moment of the hard-hitting action across the league by streaming over 100+ channels, including live NHL games on ESPN and ABC, plus other nationally broadcasted games on TNT for only $72.99/mo. With YouTube TV, you can also record your favorite moments and more with unlimited DVR storage for up to 9 months and share up to 6 accounts per household.

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2023-24 NHL on ESPN/ABC/Hulu Game Schedule

DateTime (ET)TeamsPlatform
Tue, Oct 105:30 p.m.Nashville Predators vs. Tampa Bay LightningESPN, ESPN+
Tue, Oct 108 p.m.Chicago Blackhawks vs. Pittsburgh PenguinsESPN, ESPN+
Tue, Oct 1010:30 p.m.Seattle Kraken vs. Vegas Golden KnightsESPN, ESPN+
Thu, Oct 127:30 p.m.Detroit Red Wings vs. New Jersey DevilsESPN+/Hulu
Fri, Oct 137:30 p.m.Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Washington CapitalsESPN+/Hulu
Tue, Oct 177:30 p.m.Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Buffalo SabresESPN
Tue, Oct 1710 p.m.Colorado Avalanche vs. Seattle KrakenESPN
Thu, Oct 197:30 p.m.Edmonton Oilers vs. Philadelphia FlyersESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Oct 1910:30 p.m.Chicago Blackhawks vs. Colorado AvalancheESPN
Tue, Oct 246 p.m.Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Washington CapitalsESPN, ESPN+
Tue, Oct 248:30 p.m.Boston Bruins vs. Chicago BlackhawksESPN, ESPN+
Tue, Oct 2411 p.m.Philadelphia Flyers vs. Vegas Golden KnightsESPN, ESPN+
Thu, Oct 267:30 p.m.Minnesota Wild vs. Philadelphia FlyersESPN+/Hulu
Tue, Oct 318 p.m.Los Angeles Kings vs. Toronto Maple LeafsESPN
Thu, Nov 27:30 p.m.Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Boston BruinsESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Nov 97:30 p.m.Dallas Stars vs. Columbus Blue JacketsESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Nov 910:30 p.m.Edmonton Oilers vs. San Jose SharksESPN+/Hulu
Tue Nov 148 p.m.Anaheim Ducks vs. Nashville PredatorsESPN+/Hulu
Tue, Nov 1410:30 p.m.Florida Panthers vs. San Jose SharksESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Nov 168 p.m.Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Chicago BlackhawksESPN+/Hulu
Tue, Nov 287:30 p.m.Carolina Hurricanes vs. Philadelphia FlyersESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Nov 307:30 p.m.New York Islanders vs. Carolina HurricanesESPN+/Hulu
Tue, Dec 57:30 p.m.Detroit Red Wings vs. Buffalo SabresESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Dec 78 p.m.Dallas Stars vs. Washington CapitalsESPN
Thu, Dec 710:30 p.m.New Jersey Devils vs. Seattle KrakenESPN
Tue, Dec 127:30 p.m.Detroit Red Wings vs. St. Louis BluesESPN
Tue, Dec 1210 p.m.Chicago Blackhawks vs. Edmonton OilersESPN
Thu, Dec 147:30 p.m.Carolina Hurricanes vs. Detroit Red WingsESPN+/Hulu
Fri, Dec 157:30 p.m.Nashville Predators vs. Carolina HurricanesESPN+/Hulu
Tue, Dec 197:30 p.m.Edmonton Oilers vs. New York IslandersESPN+/Hulu
Tue, Dec 1910:30 p.m.Los Angeles Kings vs. San Jose SharksESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Dec 217:30 p.m.Edmonton Oilers vs. New Jersey DevilsESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Dec 2110:30 p.m.Arizona Coyotes vs. San Jose SharksESPN+/Hulu
Fri, Dec 227:30 p.m.Edmonton Oilers vs. New York RangersESPN+/Hulu
Tue, Jan 27:30 p.m.Washington Capitals vs. Pittsburgh PenguinsESPN+/Hulu
Tue, Jan 210:30 p.m.Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Los Angeles KingsESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Jan 47 p.m.Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Boston BruinsESPN
Tue, Jan 98:30 p.m.Edmonton Oilers vs. Chicago BlackhawksESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Jan 117 p.m.Toronto Maple Leafs vs. New York IslandersESPN
Sat, Jan 131 p.m.New York Rangers vs. Washington CapitalsABC, ESPN+
Tue, Jan 168 p.m.Los Angeles Kings vs. Dallas StarsESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Jan 187 p.m.Minnesota Wild vs. Tampa Bay LightningESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Jan 189:30 p.m.Nashville Predators vs. Los Angeles KingsESPN
Thu, Jan 257:30 p.m.New Jersey Devils vs. Carolina HurricanesESPN+/Hulu
Fri, Jan 267 p.m.Vegas Golden Knights vs. New York RangersESPN
Fri, Feb 27 p.m.NHL All-Star Skills presented by DraftKingsESPN, ESPN+
Sat, Feb 33 p.m.2024 Honda NHL All-Star GameABC, ESPN+
Tue, Feb 67:30 p.m.Colorado Avalanche vs. New Jersey DevilsESPN+/Hulu
Tue, Feb 610 p.m.Edmonton Oilers vs. Vegas Golden KnightsESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Feb 88 p.m.Tampa Bay Lightning vs. New York IslandersESPN
Sat, Feb 101 p.m.St. Louis Blues vs. Buffalo SabresABC, ESPN+
Sat, Feb 103:30 p.m.Washington Capitals vs. Boston BruinsABC, ESPN+
Sat, Feb 107 p.m.Seattle Kraken vs. Philadelphia FlyersESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Feb 159 p.m.Dallas Stars vs. Nashville PredatorsESPN
Sat., Feb 173 p.m.Edmonton Oilers vs. Dallas StarsABC, ESPN+
Sat, Feb 178 p.m.Philadelphia Flyers vs. New Jersey Devils
Sun, Feb 183 p.m.New York Rangers vs. New York Islanders
Mon, Feb 191 p.m.Toronto Maple Leafs vs. St. Louis BluesESPN
Mon, Feb 193:30 p.m.Detroit Red Wings vs. Seattle KrakenESPN
Thu, Feb 227 p.m.Washington Capitals vs. Tampa Bay LightningESPN
Thu, Feb 2210:30 p.m.Nashville Predators vs. Los Angeles kingsESPN+/Hulu
Sat, Feb 2412 p.m.St. Louis Blues vs. Detroit Red WingsABC, ESPN+
Sat, Feb 243 p.m.New York Rangers vs. Philadelphia FlyersESPN+/Hulu
Tue, Feb 277 p.m.Buffalo Sabres vs. Florida PanthersESPN+/Hulu
Tue, Feb 279:30 p.m.Dallas Stars vs. Colorado AvalancheESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Feb 297 p.m.Carolina Hurricanes vs. Columbus Blue JacketsESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Feb 299 p.m.Colorado Avalanche vs. Chicago BlackhawksESPN
Sat, Mar 23 p.m.Minnesota Wild vs. St. Louis BluesABC, ESPN+
Sat, Mar 27 p.m.Vegas Golden Knights vs. Buffalo SabresESPN+/Hulu
Mon, Mar 47:30 p.m.St. Louis Blues vs. Philadelphia FlyersESPN+/Hulu
Tue, Mar 57:30 p.m.Edmonton Oilers vs. Boston BruinsESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Mar 77 p.m.St. Louis Blues vs. New Jersey DevilsESPN
Sat, Mar 912:30 p.m.Edmonton Oilers vs. Buffalo SabresESPN+/Hulu
Sat, Mar 93 p.m.Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Boston BruinsABC, ESPN+
Thu, Mar 147:30 p.m.New York Islanders vs. Buffalo SabresESPN+/Hulu
Sat, Mar 163 p.m.New York Rangers vs. Pittsburgh PenguinsABC, ESPN+
Sat, Mar 166 p.m.Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Florida PanthersESPN+/Hulu
Tue, Mar 197:30 p.m.Carolina Hurricanes vs. New York IslandersESPN+/Hulu
Tue, Mar 1910 p.m.Minnesota Wild vs. Anaheim DucksESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Mar 217:30 p.m.Nashville Predators vs. Florida PanthersESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Mar 2110:30 p.m.Seattle Kraken vs. Vegas Golden KnightsESPN
Sat, Mar 238 p.m.Florida Panthers vs. New York RangersABC, ESPN+
Tue, Mar 267:30 p.m.New Jersey Devils vs. Toronto Maple LeafsESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Mar 287:30 p.m.Detroit Red Wings vs. Carolina HurricanesESPN+/Hulu
Sat, Mar 302:30 p.m.Vegas Golden Knights vs. Minnesota WildESPN
Sat, Mar 307 p.m.Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Buffalo SabresESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Apr 48 p.m.Nashville Predators vs. St. Louis BluesESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Apr 410:30 p.m.Los Angeles Kings vs. San Jose SharksESPN+/Hulu
Sat, Apr 61 p.m.Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Pittsburgh PenguinsABC, ESPN+
Sat, Apr 63:30 p.m.Florida Panthers vs. Boston BruinsABC, ESPN+
Sun, Apr 710 p.m.Dallas Stars vs. Colorado AvalancheESPN
Tue, Apr 97 p.m.Washington Capitals vs. Detroit Red WingsESPN
Tue, Apr 99:30 p.m.Minnesota Wild vs. Colorado AvalancheESPN
Thu, Apr 117:30 p.m.Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Florida PanthersESPN+/Hulu
Sat, Apr 1312:30 p.m.New York Islanders vs. New York RangersABC, ESPN+
Sat, Apr 133 p.m.Seattle Kraken vs. Dallas StarsABC, ESPN+
Sat, Apr 138 p.m.Boston Bruins vs. Pittsburgh PenguinsABC, ESPN+
Mon, Apr 159:30 p.m.Minnesota Wild vs. Los Angeles KingsESPN
Tue, Apr 167:30 p.m.Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Florida PanthersESPN
Tue, Apr 1610 p.m.Chicago Blackhawks vs. Vegas Golden KnightsESPN+/Hulu
Thu, Apr 187 p.m.Seattle Kraken vs. Minnesota WildESPN
Thu, Apr 189:30 p.m.Edmonton Oilers vs. Colorado AvalancheESPN

*Please note game schedule may be subject to change. For the most up-to-date schedule and details, please visit

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