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Netflix is Seeing More New Users Over 45 than Younger Age Groups

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Netflix’s subscriber numbers continue to grow, and now the streaming service is reaching even more viewers of older ages. A new report by Ampere Analysis shows over the past two years, global monthly usage of Netflix increased by over 22% among viewers who are 45 and older, compared to the younger group which grew by just 5%.

Part of the reasoning behind the decline in younger viewers is something Ampere analysts are attributing to a return to out of home entertainment, as almost half the moviegoers this quarter were under 35.

“We can see the pandemic’s impact as older audiences turned to Netflix for entertainment during the numerous lockdowns,” analyst Minal Modha said in a statement. “As we emerge from the pandemic, it’s the younger demographics who are spearheading the return to the cinema in search of a more social viewing experience.”

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