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The Top 5 FREE Roku Channels of 2015


If you want free live content make sure to check out the Livestream channel.
•    Experience today’s hottest live events in music, news, entertainment, sports, education, celebrities, spirituality and much much more!
•    Search over 75,000 new events (and growing) that are streamed each month including over 60 local U.S. TV news stations
•    Watch live or replay events after they have ended

You can add it to your Roku here:!details/29216/livestream

Sports illustrated:

If you are a sports fan you need the Sports Illustrated channel.
•    Stay up-to-date on all the happenings in the sports world
•    Great daily and weekly shows that cover a wide range of different sports including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, college basketball, college football, golf, soccer, tennis and more.

You can add it to your Roku here:!details/51324/sports-illustrated

Stream Now TV:

If you are looking for indie shows and films make sure to check out Stream Now TV. It brings you a wide range of great content from indie film makers around the world.
•    There is no easier way to discover and watch independent filmmaker’s projects. Cut the clutter, cut the cord and Stream Now.
•    Content includes titles like Taco Talk, Derrick & Sally: Bathtub Killers, Kanowna, The River, Ruffus The Dog and more.

You can add it to your Roku here:!details/55546/stream-now-tv


This is a must have channel for anyone who loves great shows, documentaries, and news. With hundreds of hours of free content it is worth checking out and adding to your Roku.
•    PBS primetime programs: American Experience, FRONTLINE, Masterpiece, Nature, NOVA, PBS NewsHour and more
•    Arts and music programs: American Masters, Austin City Limits, Great Performances, and more
•    Programs from your local PBS station
•    Original series from PBS Digital Studios, including OffBook and Idea Channel

You can add it to your Roku here:!details/23353/pbs


Crackle is the place to experience full-length Hollywood movies, TV series and original programming in your favorite genres: action, anime, comedy, crime, horror, music, thriller and sci-fi. Crackle’s content is always delivered uncut and unedited, the way it was meant to be viewed. And it’s always free.
Currently, the Crackle Roku channel offers:
•    209 movies
•    45 television series
•    47 original series, all for free with minimal commercials.
•    For more information on this channel visit

You can add it to your Roku here:!details/2016/crackle