The NFL is about to Release a New Streaming Service


If you have been using the NFL Now app on your Roku and other devices, sadly it is being discontinued. The good news is the NFL is about to launch a new streaming service that could be even more cord cutter friendly.

NFL Now allowed NFL fans to watch highlights in a ‘SportsCenter’-esque rundown and classic games on a wide range of devices; now that service has been shut down with the promise of something new and better to come soon.

Here is the email that was sent to NFL Now subscribers:


There has been a significant amount of talk about a new NFL Subscription Streaming Service, but this is the first official word about it from the NFL.

Rumors have been flying around for some time that the NFL Network will start offering a subscription streaming service for their channel. Sometimes the rumors say it will include live games, other times they say live games will not be included, but all other content will.

Even if the new streaming service does not include a live feed of the NFL network, the service is expected to offer more NFL content to non-cable subscribers than has ever been available before.

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  • Don’t count on this new subscription service offering any live games. DirecTV is shelling out $1.5 billion per year for NFL Sunday Ticket, and CBS put up $300 million for another season of Thursday Night Football. The NFL isn’t going to do anything to jeopardize those deals.

    • BIG_ROD

      Yeah, that’s an excellent point. I feel deflated now — no pun intended.

      I still want to be able to choose and watch any given game though.

  • Don’t count on getting any live games from this “new subscription product”. DirecTV is paying the NFL $1.5 billion per year through 2022 for NFL Sunday Ticket, and CBS is shelling out $300 million next season for Thursday Night Football, which is simulcast on NFL Network. The NFL isn’t going to do anything to jeopardize those two deals.

  • Peter

    NFL mobile is supposed to be the new streaming app. I tried it. Speaking as someone who likes to watch games on TV and not a tiny smart phone, it’s not ready for prime time.