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Taking a Close Look at Comcast Xfinity’s Hidden Fees

2017 is here and once again that means price hikes and new ways to confuse cord cutters.

Recently many readers have reported that Comcast is offering TV plus Internet for less than Internet only. Just think about that for a minute… Comcast is a business—a business that wants to make money. Do you really think it would give you more for less?

The truth is it hides the cost of TV plus Internet behind a promotional rate but shows the full cost of Internet only. It goes even farther to hide the real cost of TV behind a ton of fees.

So let’s take a close look at the hidden fees that Comcast likes to bury behind a wall of text. (Note: We are using Comcast rates out of Philadelphia.)

  • Broadcast TV Fee: $7
  • Regional Sports Fee: $5
  • HD Technology Fee: $9.95
  • DVR Fee: $10
  • Adapter Fee: $5.99

In total a Comcast TV subscriber who has two extra TVs, a DVR, and a modem in their house will now pay at least $51.93 a month in fees on top of their $158 monthly bill. That means the real monthly bill for Comcast TV subscribers is $211.93 a month, which adds up to $2,543.16 a year. (The fees in this example include $10 a month modem rental.)

Not only does it stop there but if you want to pay for their phone service they will also add a $2 voice technology fee so on a triple play package you will pay $52.93 a month in just fees on top of the listed monthly bill. That does not even count the taxes that are added to the TV service in many parts of the United States.

Now let’s not forget that these listed prices are promotional rates. Sometimes we hear from readers who say the rates only lasted a few months of their 2-year contract.

So don’t get fooled by promotional offers and remember there are always fees.

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  • PaperCoyote

    Fees are one of the first things I bring up when talking about cord cutting. When I tell someone you can get Sling and Vue together for less than the price of Comcast fees and everything else is gravy. Even if you add Netflix (let’s face it Netflix doesn’t count because people are paying for it and cable anyways), Hulu, Acorn, and CBS All Access you are still coming out slightly ahead but with more choices and better service. Cord cutting isn’t always about money it’s also about freedom and choice.

    • CX1

      And less brain damage.

  • KrazyKrackaPDJ

    So I’m new to this and exploring cutting the cord. So if I’m reading around right I would still need to use Comcast or Verizon just as an Internet provider but then just sign up for one of these streaming services? Currently paying $156 a month for internet/tv through comcast

    • PaperCoyote

      Correct. You still need to have internet in some way and then you can pick and choose who you want to get your entertainment from. For instance you can drop Comcast down to just internet and pay around $60 plus tax and fees if you lease a modem. Then you could subscribe to Sling or Vue for about $20 – 30 and netflix for $10. Now you are saving about $600 a year. If you Don’t care about saving money but just want choice you could add Hulu, CBS All Access, Acorn TV, HBO Now, Starz, and showtime and still be paying about the same as before. There are a ton of choices whether your goal is to save money or just have more freedom. Good luck and have fun.