Sling TV is Giving Away FREE HBO

Been thinking about giving HBO a try? Today may be your lucky day, because all Sling TV subscribers have free access to HBO and all of the HBO On-Demand content! Starting today and running till Sunday night April 23rd 2017.

You’ll have access to the weekend’s hottest shows, including the newest episodes of Silicon Valley Season 4 Premiere and Veep. Along with Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  (I personally recommend Silicon Valley.)

You’ll also have full access to HBO On Demand, so you can spend the weekend binge watching your favorite (or soon-to-be favorite) shows, like Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, and Veep, or older classics like The Sopranos, The Wire, Sex and the City, Deadwood… the list goes on and on.

Not a Sling TV subscriber? Sling TV is still offering a 7-day free trial that will give you access to the FREE HBO deal. You can head over to their site and sign up for any of their plans starting at just $20 a month.

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  • Blake Sweeney

    This article makes it sound like HBO will be included in all slingtv packages for free if you sign up by today. There is no source listed for this claim and I have to assume they are just hyping a free HBO promotional weekend. Either this a poorly written article, or one of the best deals in streaming TV that nobody else decided to talk about.

    • Correct this is a free weekend as stated in the story. (Starting today and running till Sunday night April 23rd 2017.)

      • Blake Sweeney

        Thank you for updating.

  • Diane U

    This article doesn’t make any sense. The free preview of HBO is April 21-April 24. Today is the first day of the free weekend, not the last.

  • Sunny Rain

    It’s not just Sling. A lot of other cable / streaming services are giving free HBO for the weekend too. HBO does this every few months before a new season begins (especially before every Game of Thrones season).

    • FranchisePlayer

      DirectTVNow gave customers HBO free for a year.

      • Ottis DA Da aD

        So. Free for a year on top of $35 vs $20 & being able to literally record every single show that airs this weekend on HBO & keep it.

        • Richard smith

          Doubt you can record every single show and keep it on a 50 hr limit.

        • FranchisePlayer

          You get access to the HBO Go app with your DTVN login. I’ve not been an HBO subscriber so I’m not familiar with the app or the shows on HBO to know if that’s significant. I believe there are many episodes available I could watch over the course of the year.

          I tried Sling and had an experience many DTVN users had when it first came out. Lots of buffering and not really usable. This was on a 200MB connection and my PSVue channel on Roku didn’t have any of those problems. Could have been an early issue though.

          I got in on the DTVN $35/mo for 100 channels deal so in comparison, what I’m getting to an equivalent plan on Sling is better (cost wise). I don’t really have a need for a DVR as I have Hulu and Netflix but I understand DVR functionality is coming. I don’t care to own all of the HBO shows anyway but this is just my own situation.

          I’ve been fortunate with DTVN. It works very well for me. It’s rare to have any buffering (I’m now on a 300MB connection) and I don’t have a need for more than 2 streams or DVR. I assume those things will be available in the future so anything else I get would be even better, assuming the price doesn’t go up. Having HBO for a year (not just a weekend) is just gravy.

      • REP

        Sling TV is just copying what Direct TV Now is doing lol.

  • Bruce Wayne

    I wouldn’t use Sling even if the service was free. The interface is trash and laggy.

    • Ottis DA Da aD

      That’s a flat out lie. Cord cutters are all about saving money, you’re just bitter. You would defiantly use Sling if it was free.

      • REP

        Not a lie. I also hate the Sling TV interface. I even write to them of recommending them to change the look of their TV Guide. The way you have to scroll side way to see each channel is lame. I prefer the traditional top down Direct TV Now’s Guide. It is actually one of the reasons i cancelled my Sling TV due to the poor interface.

        I do like their most recent update where there is a little channels scroll at the bottom while watching LIVE TV though. I hope Direct TV Now add this.

        • MerlynnSage1

          They do have a crappy interface.

      • Bruce Wayne

        Bitter? Lol. I already pay for the Elite plan on PS Vue. Money isn’t really an issue for me. I have used Vue when it was free to see if they had improved but they are still as bad as when they launched.

    • FranchisePlayer

      I had a similar experience with the UI and lag. Lots of buffering during shows and just closing the app periodically. I assumed it was due to the early stages of rollout and possibly something with the Roku channel. The only thing I liked was getting to local channels within the same interface as cable channels but when it would just pause randomly every few minutes, it got to the point where it was just not usable. I had the free trial and even gave them another month to see if it would improve but it didn’t.

      After using Sling, PSVue and now DTVN, I felt Sling was the worst although DTVN is not far behind. They both have some work to do to catch up to PSVue.

      • MerlynnSage1

        I have very few problems after putting it on my 5G.

  • Lauren

    Since everyone seems to be focusing on the negative (again), I would like to say thank you for the heads up on this as a Sling subscriber who would like to take advantage of this opportunity to catch up this weekend on some movies I’ve been wanting to see. So thanks again : )