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Redbox Is Getting Ready to Relaunch Their Streaming Service

A few years ago Redbox and Verizon had a joint streaming service that allowed users to rent movies. Now it looks like Redbox is getting closer to launching its own streaming service this time without the help of Verizon.

Back in July 2016 we first reported that Redbox was testing something called Redbox Digital Beta that would be an online streaming service.

In a statement to Variety, a Redbox spokesperson said the following: “Redbox continually looks for ways to enhance our customer experience. For tens of millions of consumers, Redbox is their source for new release rentals without a subscription. As such, we regularly conduct tests of potential new offerings that may or may not be brought to market as part of our ongoing commitment to provide additional value.”

Over the following months little was heard from the project and many had assumed it had come to an end. Now it looks like its streaming service is back with a new name.

MKVX Stream found a link to the closed beta testing and have a few screen shots of the Android app.

MKVX Stream found the following:

  • The new Redbox service will be called Redbox On Demand (Currently with a beta tag at the end.)
  • The service will be available on Roku, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.
  • You can register up to five devices with the service but you can only stream a movie on two devices at once.

You can add the Redbox channel to your Roku here: https://my.roku.com/account/add?channel=RBXDIGITAL

Now just installing the channel does not guarantee you access to the beta, but if you want to check it out there it is.

So would you rent movies online from Redbox? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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  • MacHead84

    Does “iOS” devices include Apple TV which technically is a tvOS device?

  • GersonT1000

    I’m sure it’ll be just another digital video rental service with the same ridiculous prices. I hope that if it does well they don’t start downsizing or even removing their kiosks. I don’t do it often, but I love being able to rent a Blu-Ray and watch the best quality video with ability to use extra audio/language tracks and subtitles, and watch extras.

    • Evan

      Let’s just hope they don’t “create original content” like Netflix did. Big mistake. Same name for a completely different service.

  • Gail Gupton

    Direct TV charges $6.00 to watch a movie… even old ones. I rent at Redbox for $1.50 at my local grocery store, albeit the titles are limited. If Redbox keeps the price the same, maybe will consider it, but not otherwise.

    • MacHead84

      From their FAQ
      “Movie rentals will generally range from $1.99 to $5.99 for Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD). The price to own movies will vary based on a variety of factors, but in general they will be betwen $3.99 and $19.99.”

      • Evan

        $5.99 is the same as it costs to rent movies from iTunes in SD. 99c-3.99 are what I am willing to pay for HD rentals or they charge me $20/mo for unlimited streaming of new releases.

    • HeyRadar

      Every online video streaming service seems to charge the exact same ($2.99-$4.99) unless they are running some special. e.g. Vudu recently had 10 cent rentals.

      So very little competition to keep prices low.

    • TV Barrington

      I don’t what the other streaming services do towards the perks of renting recent movies, but as far as Google, once you rent a movie, you have a month to start watching it, and then when you start watching the movie, you have 48 hours to finish it.

      I’m not crazy about the higher prices just to watch a recent movie through streaming, because I would think that on the surface that it might be cheaper not to have all of those kiosks and all of those DVDs, and not to mention people to place them or repair them. However, I suppose that it could be argued that when you factor in the time with driving and the gas to go to rent a DVD movie disc, that the rental cost of streaming movies might break almost even. Another thing might be any late fees with the return on those occasions when you’re tardy with the return.

  • Elizabeth

    It depends on if they’re cheaper or have films not available from other services. I use Google opinion rewards to rent from the Play Store and I get a lot of discounted rentals with Vudu and Fandango from T Mobile.

  • Evan


  • Alan Hotchy

    I had their streaming service I hate to be like this but disappointing really did not go far enough Most of the movies wew ones you could get on the free roku channels and i think once they had a new movie first. Bit time wil tell i guess everyone deserves a second chance