PlayStation Vue Adds More Local Channels

A few weeks ago, it was announced that PlayStation Vue will be adding more local channels. Now it seems they have followed through on their promise. The channels added seem to be all CBS channels in new markets have slowly been added over the last few weeks.

Below is a full list of all the local channels PlayStation Vue offers to their subscribers.


  • Chicago-ABC7
  • Fresno-ABC30
  • Houston-ABC13
  • Los Angeles-ABC7
  • New York-ABC7
  • Philadelphia-ABC6
  • Raleigh Durham-ABC11
  • San Francisco-ABC7


  • Atlanta – CBS46
  • Austin-KEYE
  • Baltimore-CBS13
  • Boston-CBS4
  • Charlotte-WBTV
  • Chicago-CBS2
  • Cincinnati-WKRC
  • Cleveland-CBS9
  • Columbus, OH – WBNS 10TV
  • Dallas-CBS11
  • Denver-CBS4
  • Detroit-CBS 62
  • Grand Rapids-Newschannel3
  • Harrisburg-CBS21
  • Hartford & New Haven – WFSB Channel 3
  • Jacksonville – CBS47
  • Kansas City – KCTV5
  • Los Angeles-CBS2
  • Miami-CBS4
  • Minneapolis – CBS4
  • New York-CBS2
  • Philadelphia-CBS3
  • Phoenix (Prescott) – CBS5AZ
  • Pittsburgh-CBS2
  • Sacramento – CBS13
  • Salt Lake City-KUTV2
  • San Diego-CBS8
  • San Francisco – CBS 5
  • Seattle – KIRO 7
  • St. Louis – KMOV 4
  • West Palm Beach-CBS12


  • Atlanta-FOX5
  • Austin-FOX7
  • Charlotte-FOX46
  • Chicago-FOX32
  • Dallas-FOX4
  • Detroit-FOX2
  • Gainesville-FOX51
  • Houston-FOX26
  • Los Angeles – FOX 11
  • Miami – WSVN 7
  • Minneapolis-FOX 9
  • New York-FOX 5
  • Orlando-FOX 35
  • Philadelphia – FOX 29
  • Phoenix-FOX 10
  • San Francisco – FOX 2 and KTVU Plus
  • Tampa-FOX 13
  • Washington DC – FOX 5


  • Chicago – NBC 5
  • Dallas – NBC5
  • Detroit – Local 4
  • Hartford/New Haven – NBC Connecticut
  • Houston –KPRC Channel 2
  • Los Angeles – NBC4
  • Miami – NBC6
  • New York – NBC4
  • Philadelphia – NBC10
  • San Diego – NBC 7 San Diego
  • San Francisco – NBC Bay Area
  • Washington DC – NBC 4 Washington


Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas-Ft. Worth, DC, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Orlando, Phoenix


Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Fresno-Visalia, Harlingen, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Francisco, Tucson

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  • Don K

    Cleveland’s CBS affiliate should be CBS19 (WOIO), not CBS9

    • JWort93


  • Robert Schwartz

    Where is Milwaukee and when will it be added?

  • REP

    Amazing they have one for Sacramento but i wish they add more. It seems like the big cities get all the benefits.

  • Mike Stambaugh

    Why cant they just add locals to everyone? Is there a specific contract needed for each affiliate? Could they do all locals and just black out that locals specific programming (local news)? And then slowly open that area up. As opposed to getting all locals with all programming at once.

    • skyvolt

      I think the networks and their affiliates have contracts on who should distribute their live content in that area. So, the network can’t just broadcast its national/live content in that area without going through the local affiliates. That’s the only possible explanation I can think of. And it sucks.

      • davehuze

        I don’t know why it was setup this way but FCC regulations dictate that any single broadcast network can only own and operate stations that “reach” up to a maximum of 39% of the country. The rest of the country is covered by local affiliates owned by separate companies so Sony/DirectTV/Sling have to negotiate a streaming deal with every station in the other 61% of the country.

        • skyvolt

          That explains why they rely so much on affiliates. Like, I’ve always wondered why Disney can’t own and operate its own ABC local stations nationwide.

        • JJ

          That rule is meant as an anti-monopoly measure. They don’t want one company to own all the TV channels.

    • Norman

      I’m not sure I want my locals. I’m paying 35 for my Core and not the 45 with locals that other pay. The only thing I need the locals for is local news. With NewsOn I have one channel’s news and with a Streaming App I have another. I’d rather the dollars in my pocket.

      • Mike Stambaugh

        I would want the locals because I’m assuming they’d be dvr-able. The on-demand doesn’t have everything. That’s the only gripe my wife has against cord cutting. If they aren’t recordable I’m not paying extra either. I’ll stick to the antenna. And before anyone mentions it, no I don’t want to buy a tablo.

        • Norman

          Antennas are not an option for me. No, line of sight, but NBC has a app that allows viewing it’s shows. There are ways. Some loses, some gains. It’s all about picking your poison. That’s the beauty of cord cutter, more consumer choice and more pocket money.

          • vikings football

            ur right, instead of people whining, crying, complaining…if DTVN isnt meeting ur expectations, then get the service that meets all ur needs.

        • Chris K.

          We offset that with an HDHomerun and NextPVR, which places recordings on our Plex server. But realistically, we rarely watch anything the night it airs, and just end up watching most of our shows on-demand anyway.

          The HDHomerun still gets used for live sports and PBS Kids shows, and I connected it to an attic antenna that was installed years (probably decades) before we bought the house. PSVue isn’t likely to add local stations in the Des Moines market anytime soon, so I’ll get by with the HDHomerun for now.

        • Andimal1

          Mike, may I ask why you don’t want the Tablo? I’ve been toying with the idea for about 6 months (while I try to convince my husband to cut the cord) and I haven’t been able to come up with any negatives. It seems like the best option for us because, in addition to recording/watching shows on our schedule, we’d also be able to take our shows with us to our vacation house… thus eliminating paying for that cable service year-round.

          • Mike Stambaugh

            Strictly based on financials. If I could afford a Tablo and the attic antenna to get the A+ signal I want, I’d def get a Tablo. But we just moved to the beach so funds are limited. That being said if you can afford it and can get an ethernet from the tablo to the router for better speeds, Tablo is the way to go.

          • Andimal1

            Thanks Mike. The cost of Tablo isn’t an issue and we get an A+ signal using the Mohu Leaf where we are. However we get zero OTA at our vacation house, so pre-recorded shows plus live streaming via WiFi are what I’m considering.
            Now I need to find the best data plan that won’t break the bank.

  • skyvolt

    I just wish they did away with the affiliates and gave the network full control over their content.

    Like I think networks should have a national live stream even if it runs only during primetime and it’s off for the rest of the day. They could also do like a cable version of the networks. That way, they can provide a cable alternative to their content without relying on affiliates who turn out to be very messy in making deals like these.

  • Darnell

    Can source of the information in articles please always be included in a link?

    Shame no Chattanooga, TN channels were added yet.

    • This list was emailed to us from PlayStation Vue PR Staff. They don’t have it publicly posted on their site.

  • 1EYEDJimmyBivvins

    Local affiliate owners are receiving bribes and other payola to keep off Vue. Dish Direct and cable are in no hurry to see these affiliates on OTT services. They are still hoping ott is a bad dream and they will wake up and everything will go away except their good old monopoly. Right now Vue is the only service not ripe with the stench of the old monopoly. The only true threat to the godless scum who have ruled pay tv. If Vue goes away and no new ott services not related to satellite or cable emerge then we will be back to contracts lost channels and price gouging. The goal of Sling and DTVNow is to regain their monopoly in any underhanded way they can. The cable and satellite moguls would sell their sisters mothers and grandmothers into sex slavery if it helped keep their monopoly.

    • oldhickorytony

      I’d be with you except Vue doesn’t have clean hands and isn’t giving choice either. Most folks living in metro areas already have great ota local channel access. But Vue says sorry… you have to pay the extra 10 bucks for stuff you don’t want or need.

  • Sandy Barnett

    We’ve had Cincinnati WKRC(CBS) for awhile now because once they added it, I canceled the CBS All Access. I was hoping for local NBC, ABC, and FOX stations to be added. Kinda getting irritated looking through the channels and still having to see ‘channel unavailable’ blue squares where they took away the Viacom stations.

  • Steve Grimes

    I live in Baltimore and would pay for Vue if they offered all local channels plus PBS. I’m currently using a large attic antenna to view channels via tablo/ roku but PBS stations are located in a different direction, reception produces a significant amount of dropout.