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Sling TV is Releasing a New Media Player Called Air TV

Love Sling TV? Love your Antenna? Wish you could get both through one interface? According to Amazon listing found by Sling TV is about to add all the local stations you pick up with an antenna to their streaming service. The addition of local TV stations will be done by a new box called AirTV. […]

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Amazon Will Stream Their Original Shows on YouTube

In an effort to help grow an audience for their original shows, Amazon Video has put them on both YouTube and Facebook. Amazon is hoping that by offering a free episode to their original shows it will help drive more viewership to these original shows. Amazon is not the first company to put their content […]

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The Xbox One Just Got a New DVR Option

Last year Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would soon have a DVR. Sadly just before E3 this year it was announced that the DVR option was no longer going to happen. Now thanks to the SiliconDust’s HDHomeRun Xbox One owners will finally have a DVR option. Yesterday the HDHomeRun software came to the Xbox […]

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Netflix Family

Netflix is Coming to a Hotel Near You…

On the road and want Netflix in your hotel? That is already a open in 400 hotels with more on the way. Netflix and Enseo a company that specialists in connected TVs for hotels announced an agreement today expanding Enseo’s rights to now distribute the Netflix application on select Enseo devices to any hotel that Enseo has […]

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Netflix Is About to Have a Ton of New Content

The Netflix catalog of content has often been a point of argument with their subscribers. Since 2014 the Netflix catalog has shrunk by 32%, but Netflix has a plan to fix that. The first thing Netflix is doing to address the demands for more content is to double down on original content. In 2017 UBS […]

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Review: CuriosityStream

CuriosityStream offers over 740 titles and works on Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android, and iOS. Thinking of trying it out? CuriosityStream offers a FREE 30 day trail and you can subscribe through Amazon Video or on the CuriosityStream site. From Roku: CuriosityStream Developer:CuriosityStream, LLC CuriosityStream is the world’s first ad-free, on-demand streaming service for […]

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Amazon Video Adds Even More Premium Add-On Subscription Options

Last year Amazon started offering add-on packages to their popular Amazon Prime Video. These add-ons to your Amazon Prime subscription allow you to access premium content through Amazon. Many of these add-ons already have their own standalone services but the real benefit is the ability to have everything billed and managed in one app, making it […]

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Twitter Wants to Stream NFL Games on Your TV

Twitter recently struck a deal to stream the NFL’s Thursday night football games on Twitter but that seems to be just the start of their plans. New reports are saying that Twitter is in talks with major streaming players such as Apple TV and likely even Roku, Fire TV, and Android TV. This deal will […]

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