Luke’s Office: Why I Can Not Recommend The Apple TV & Your Questions

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  • Reggie

    You didn’t mention Airplay. If you have an iPhone or iPad, a lot of the apps (e.g. SlingTV, Amazon Player) can stream to an AppleTV. You can mirror your phone/tablet screen as well. Slideshows from phone to TV is easy as well with the AppleTV. I have the Fire, Chromecast, Roku, and AppleTV. When watching HBO on HBO Now, I find it most clear (video quality and sound (5.1)) on the AppleTV.

    • Luke

      I didn’t talk about airplay as a way to get Sling or Amazon because it is not a good option. So not only do you buy a $200 Apple TV you also have to buy a iPhone or iPad (both not cheap) and have both of them running to watch Sling TV? I like to use my phone or tablet as I watch TV and I bet most people like that also. So using Air Play as a work around for the fact that the Apple TV is missing some of the most popular apps in the US is not a good use of your money.

      As for quality Both the Fire TV and Roku put out higher quality video and sound. For sound they both offer Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 and for video they both offer 4K support. So if you are a sound or video buff the Apple TV is technically inferior to Roku, Android TV, and Fire TV.

      • Reggie

        Ah yes, I’m assuming that if you have an iPhone or iPad, an AppleTV is a good companion — and, it is still a valid point for those iPhone/iPad Cord Cutters.

        I don’t own the 4K versions of Fire and Roku since I don’t have a 4K TV my tests were mainly on the first versions of Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, and a Roku 3. Regarding sound, yes, some might support 7.1 but the SlingTV app in any platform, for example, will only stream in stereo. Is it the device limiting 7.1 output or is it more of the app/actual stream?

        Oh btw, Amazon Player might come to AppleTV:

        and SlingTV:

        • Luke

          Amazon’s CEO came out last week and said that Amazon video is not coming out on the Apple TV unless Apple changes their terms of service.

          As for that Sling TV post you linked to if you read it you will see it was a Hoax as stated in their own story.

          • Reggie
          • Luke

            I already have the news posted here:

            I still stand by the fact that I can not recommend the Apple TV. Twice the cost and still missing the #2 streaming service in the US. Also missing a ton of other popular streaming services. What can the Apple TV do that a Fire TV or Roku can not?

          • Bill Eastman

            I suggest revisiting the new Apple TV in 6 months or a year. It is still new and more apps are coming to it, such as Tablo beta today. I know beta isn’t released but I think within a month

          • Reggie

            “What can the Apple TV do that a Fire TV or Roku can not?”

            Well probably not much. If you’re an Apple household however and have spent a lot on iTunes (music, movies, and Apple Music subscription), then AppleTV becomes the best device for the TV. With an Apple Music Family plan, you don’t just get unlimited access to the Apple Music song library, but access to all the movies that your family (in the plan) have purchased through iTunes (or digital copy discs)– and you can stream them directly to your AppleTV.

            I also mentioned Airplay that lets you redirect audio/video from your iPhone/Mac/iPad to your AppleTV as well as do presentations and run slideshows direct to AppleTV from iOS.

            Fire TV and Roku sure have their strengths but with multi device integration, the AppleTV takes it. If you are just talking about the AppleTV as a cord cutter solution and limit the scope to watching streams, sure it’s quite behind — but mainly due to missing channels. With regards to 4K, not a lot have 4K TVs anyway.

  • Bill Eastman

    They are still working on a Tablo app for the new Apple TV. Suggest you revisit in six months and see what has been added.

    Also, there is now a Kodi add on for Tablo TV.

  • Ben

    Assuming that all the popular apps eventually get to Apple TV…Why would I pay $200 for Apple TV when I can get the same exact and possibly better experience from ROKU and Fire TV for half that price? Apple TV like every other Apple product is overpriced and underwhelming.