Nvidia Shield 2

We Are Giving Away a Nvidia Shield to Celebrate Our 4th Anniversary!

I am very excited to announce that we are giving way a 16GB Nvidia Shield to celebrate Cord Cutters News turning 4 years old this week. (Thank you to Nvidia for donating the Nvidia Shield.)

Here are some details on the Nvidia Shield:

  • A Killer View – Movies, TV shows and games in amazing 4K HDR, explore thousands of apps like Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, HBO, Showtime, Pandora, Spotify, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, Kodi, and more.
  • Amazing Games, Played Your Way – Stream AAA PC games with GeForce NOW. Cast your PC games in 4K HDR from your GeForce rig to the living room with GameStream. Exclusive Android games only on SHIELD.
  • The World at Your Command – Just say what you want and let Google’s voice search find it in seconds. Get search results from over 100 apps, including Netflix, YouTube, HULU, HBO, and more.
  • Best for Amazon Prime – Watch Amazon Video in 4K HDR and get access to original shows like The Grand Tour, The Man in the High Castle, and much more.
  • The Complete Package – SHIELD TV includes the remote and redesigned SHIELD controller with voice search, rumble feedback, and private listening, in a stylish new form factor.

How to enter the giveaway:

Log in via email or Facebook to the entry widget below and do at least one of the following things to enter. The more you do, the more chances you get!

  • Visit and like the Cord Cutters News Facebook page
  • Visit and join the Cord Cutting Tech Support Facebook Group
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  • Or leave a comment on the giveaway through the giveaway block bellow
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To enter the giveaway please make sure to use the Rafflecopter giveaway block at the bottom of this post.

The contest ends at 11:59 pm Eastern on April 12th 2017 so make sure to enter soon and enter often! (Open to residents of the United States.)

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  • Ryan D

    It only let me choose one Streaming Media Player out of the list.

  • sheshechic

    I don’t own a gaming console. I need this Nvidia Shield. πŸ™‚

  • JasonBarton

    My directv classic plan is over $120/month, that’s why i’m switching to Playstation vue ASAP. Saves me something like $50/month and i get HBO/Showtime which i don’t have right now……I can’t wait to see how Youtube TV and HULU Live TV develop and want to see how the competition brings more features to everyone in the market. Exciting times ahead.

  • Daniel Richards

    I became a cord cutter because the plans required to get DIY Network from my Cable company where to expensive and Sling was a MUCH MUCH cheaper option, plus the picture quality was far superior to the STANDARD DEFINITION feeds from my cable company.

  • David Slowik

    I became a cord cutter because I was not watching enough TV to just the cost.

  • Sandy Barnett

    This is the best site ‘cords down’ for learning the easiest ways to start your cord cutting. Dedicated work keeps the site up to date on all the new technology and changes as they’re released. You’ll find there is a vast amount of review videos on just about every new tech gadget that comes out for cord cutting and they’ve helped us decide what was best for us. Members are great in helping to pass along what they know as well. We’ve been grateful for all the assistance.

  • Daniel Edwards

    I will give you $500.00 for that Nvidia Shield TV.

  • Mark Sloat

    I became a cord cutter to save money.

  • Francis Scardino

    Cut my overall bill in half (saved about $120) + I got on demand streaming of almost anything. Easy decision.

  • Paul Kasparian

    Cut the cord to save money and get out from the pain of switching cable providers every year or 2

  • NotEd

    Attempting to save money, although we are currently adding streaming devices and services to find the balance, then shed the ones we don’t use.

  • Todd Hopkins

    I cut the cord for more freedom, freedom to watch what I want, when I want, on what devices I want!

  • taino211

    I became a cord cutter to save money. I also realized I just simply didn’t have time to watch much TV anyway. Don’t miss it.

  • Ryan

    I became a cord cutter for the flexibility it provides as well as the potential to save money.

  • illberich

    I’ve been with Comcast on/off throughout the years and after awhile you just get tired of haggling about the price hikes. They will raise it $20-$30 dollars, and when you call, the drop $10, and you hang up happy. But not really. Ready to take control of how I want to watch tv and how much I will pay with no contract.

  • Just Win Babies

    To save money.

  • Craig Werner

    Originally to save money but now I like the convenience of watching what I want whenever I want.

  • Eugene Stilianopoulos

    I became a cord cutter to save money of course. I find the topic of cordcutting very fascinating. I love this site

  • Tim Gerhard

    Tired of getting “deals” only to find out there’s hidden fees like “sports fee” or “rebroadcasting”.

  • Amber Walton

    I became a cord cutter because I was paying more for cable, to watch three channels, than it would cost me to pay for internet, get Amazon Prime and have TV plus several other benefits for an entire year. When I initially got Amazon Prime it was only $89 per year, and it has a lot more content that appeals to me than the cable did or the other streaming services, and It has only gotten better over the last fours years that I’ve used it.

  • Amy Vantine Martin

    I became a cord cutter to save money & take control of what we watch in the house.

  • Roy Dutch

    We just moved a little over a month ago, I had played around with the idea of becoming a cord cutter but where we used to live even with a good antenna i could only get about 3 channels and not really any that we wanted to watch. After we moved I tried the antenna again, now we get 35 ota channels so we decided to give it a try, we already had Netflix and Amazon Prime but we tried Sling and Directv Now to be able to watch everything we used to get with Dish. Even though Directv is having a few problems we decided to stick with it. So far my wife and I are very happy with our viewing choices and even happier about saving almost 100 dollars a month

  • GZ3

    To save over $150 and get fiber internet speed. Was with Comcast for $200/month for a triple package of TV (almost every channel)/Internet (150 Mpbs)/Home Security. Went up to almost $300. Over the summer AT&T installed Fiber at my neighborhood. Got it for $70/month with unlimited data. Got DIRECTV NOW for $35. Kids don’t watch live TV anyways.

  • Kurt Semler

    To save money, and I don’t really like enough American cable TV to justify paying $50/mo for it.

  • Curtice Morris

    I became a cord cutter to save money. I don’t watch TV very much, but my mother does.

  • Tom42

    Better control over what we watch

  • David

    Save money and have more content!

  • Kel

    I like to try all the gadgets!

  • Nightraider

    Saving $ being a cordcutter! Thanks for all the info you provide!! Would love to win that Nvidia Shield!! I don’t have one of those.

  • Daniel Reed

    I originally became a cordcutter in 2009 to save money, but I later stayed a cordcutter because I preferred that method of watching TV shows and movies.

  • Fred Paul

    An Nvidia sheild would sure be nice in my living room. πŸ™‚

  • Richard smith

    No contracts No fees

  • Lawrence Milford

    Since Frontier took over from Verizon, the service has degraded significantly and the price continues to increase so we decided to take the plunge!

  • Clyde Hunter

    I wish I had been a cord cutter much sooner.

  • kitbaty

    I am still waiting to cut the cord… but I am trying different services so when it is time – I will be ready. I have realized a MiBox is not ready for primetime (at least on tvs my wife or kids watch most often).

  • Michael Gardner

    I use the Tablo DVR to record my OTA tv channels, Apple TV to stream a lot of apps using family members log-in info, Fire TV to watch Kodi movies and TV shows, Roku to stream Charter Spectrum $20/month streaming app (prolly will cancel that soon, but I got a free Roku premiere out of the deal), and am mostly looking forward to the Caavo device to connect all of my HDMI cords to which will enable me to control all of my devices under one echosystem/interface.

  • shdware

    It’s not so much about the savings, but the a la cart experience. I don’t like to schedule my viewing habits around the time they choose to air it.

  • Golfluvr13

    I became a cord cutter for two reasons. 1)We hardly ever watch live TV (only sports) and it is much easier this way. 2) Cable/Satellite were just raising prices and not providing more content. Now I have the content I want when I want it and I’m saving more than $100 a month.

  • Donald Pappas

    I became a cord cutter primarily for the savings. My internet and satellite TV bills were over $150/month combined. I changed internet providers and had an antenna installed in my attic. Now our monthly charge is $70/month for 200 Mbps internet (10 devices online) and we mainly use Amazon Prime content.

  • Alvaro

    i became a cord cutter in in 2015. best decision ever. my internet provider is frontier and i stream on the ps4 apple tv, roku.. everythign works. i started using Sling Tv but i switched to Ps Vue and i am very happy with the decision

  • Sean Milbrath

    I dropped DirecTV about 8 months ago (because I was sick of paying $120/mo for TV) for cord-cutting and I’ll never go back!! I mostly use Fire TV but Shield TV would be awesome too πŸ™‚ Playstation Vue forever!

  • Jody Densley

    I became a cord cutter 9 years ago. Going from Qwest telephone, satellite and internet service. The last bill I paid to them was 169.00. Installed an Over the air antenna and used that with Tivo. Going from Satellite to an Antenna was a shock to the system, but my OTA was able to pull in 37 channels at that time, so I wasn’t really missing out on much.
    Started streaming when SlingTv came out. No longer use Sling, but have tried PS Vue, and Directv Now. Right now I am content with Netflix and Amazon Prime.
    I would love to have a Nvidia Shield.

  • Michael Berger

    We cut to cord to save money.

  • Brandon Wiggins

    We cut the cord to save money and it just makes sense considering how we were watching tv, which was almost exclusively via dvr.

  • hochoch

    To save money and not have to watch any damn commercials!

  • Matt Nakamura

    Love the site and the giveaways. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • De

    I’m in the process of cutting the cord, still working on the wife. I have one month left on my DirecTV contract. Can’t wait to start saving more money.

  • Amac

    Freedom. I want to watch my shows on my schedule. Saving money.πŸ’°πŸ’° !!

  • Vincent Guy Miller

    Saving money! paying for what I want to watch, not for what I don’t. I like “playing” with gadgets, PCs, etc.

  • Alexander Blake

    Praying for some much needed luck!

  • Blake

    I love playing with new gadgets, so I got a new Roku, Mibox and will soon check out the Apple TV. Eventually I hope to make some podcasts on how accessible these devices are to blind users.

  • Trey

    I became a cordcutter because the cable bills far outpaced their value to my life. Too much clutter. Too many commercials. Not enough choice and not enough quality to be worth my $100 per month.

  • sjgadsby

    I cut the cord about twelve years ago when I realized that despite paying good money for cable TV, I mostly just had shows on for background noise while I worked at the computer or whatnot. Music, videos on disk, and videos streamed filled that need just as well.

  • Term-X

    The cost of traditional cable is just out of control, and OTT solutions are the future of media broadcasting. I love being on the cutting edge of technology!

  • Jeffrey A. Krzysztow

    Been eyeing one of these to replace my Roku in the front room!

  • SlowingYourCommute

    Because Comcast’s DVR was expensive & outdated.

  • Lori Rowland

    Our cable bill just kept going up and up and there was never anything to watch! Wanted to save money and watch what I wanted without any contracts. I’m now in control of content and services. It’s easy to change to any other service I choose. We also got rid of our home phone! Cordcutting=freedom!!!

  • Roger Capone

    We haven’t made the leap yet, but we’re almost there.

  • loop6719

    I love the freedom and saving money

  • Scott Jenkins

    Love this guy

  • JNox

    I needed to cut costs so Cord cutting was an esy way!

  • Cenarl

    I cut the cord to primarily save money.I didn’t mind paying for the actual TV service but the rental fees and all the other fees just got ridiculous and a decent chunk of channels that I actually liked were all in higher packages. The internet provided more than enough entertainment for me, so I just cut the cord.

  • Marshall Cade

    Really good

  • seth c


  • Scott Tutskey

    I became a cord cutter to save money.


    This is best site for cord cutting news very informed. Would love to have a NVidia shield for my home

  • Joseph Oliveira

    Great info!

  • Debra London

    Always great articles and info here. Best site for cord cutters!

  • Nick B.

    Cool site

  • illberich

    To save money and get away from Comcast, at least the cable part. They don’t keep jerking up the internet bill.

  • RoboRobP

    I price of not being a cord cutter made me a cord cutter.

  • Scot S

    I became a cord cutter to save money!

  • Apat

    I became a Cord Cutter to get my budget in line. The two Cord Cutters Facebook groups have been a TREMENDOUS help in doing that! Thank you!!! And now I would love to add the NVIDIA Shield…FREE! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • I became a cord cutter because I’m cheap and I like to keep my hard earned money.

  • Ivan92116

    to save money

  • Paul Steele

    I became a cutter because I was tired of paying for content I never watched. if cable would kill off the bundles, I might give them another shot, but probably not.

  • Dan Dolar

    I cut the cord because i got tired of paying for channels I never watched.

  • Daniel Alford

    I cut the cord because I like the simplicity of running tv on a streaming device. Hate to rent cable boxes and the push for triple play services.

  • Too many insane fees. ’nuff said

  • Thizzin707

    Because, it’s the best.

  • Phil Sylvester

    To save money, watch on my terms, and in response to the poor service of the monopoly that is the cable company.

  • Rob Johnson

    I found out my TV service may be disappearing soon. Seemed like a good time to cut the cord.

  • Keith Alioto

    happy to have found this site – looking forward to cutting the cord this September!

  • Brian Burrowes

    To save money. I can deal with watching stuff days after it aired

  • Jonathan Waide

    Why pay for renting equipment and surcharges. I cut the cord ages ago.

  • Dustin Guilbeau

    I’ve been a good boy and my fingers are crossed.

  • Garwynn

    GL All!

  • I don’t have a streaming stick, but would love to be able to cut the cord.

  • Bruno

    I just love technology. Gotta catch​ ’em all, gotta catch ’em all! 🎢

  • Carlos Luis BarΓ³n Carrero

    Just hoping for wining

  • cris Magrata

    I’m excited to play this with my couzzz

  • jikemones

    Tired of paying so much for cable or satalite

  • John Trotter

    Since I found the PlutoTV app and Google Live Channels there’s no shortage of programs to watch!

  • curtis206

    The newer the better.

  • coxons

    Joining for better device

  • Apocalypso

    I became a cord cutter because:

    1. I got tired of paying exorbitant fees to monopolistic cable companies who provided me with too few viewing options as a customer.

    2. I like watching TV that is on my terms and that is fine-tuned (pun intended) to my own viewing habits and preferences.

    3. I much prefer the greater freedom of choice I now enjoy as a cord cutter.

    4. I can watch whatever I want whenever I want without having to sit through endless commercials.

  • Joseph Modica

    I was paying too much for DISH and Comcast.

  • Carlos

    I was tired of paying too much for cable

  • Cool contest and gr8 page! Cable is expensive…so now with the high-speed internet all is better

  • pedro

    Cut ny cord and let med have the nvidia..

  • Adikovec


  • Ben

    I’ve been subscribed to PS Vue on Roku TV (and streaming stick) but the interface blows there. On Android TV, however, I can get the guide back! Crossing my fingers I can score an nVidia Shield.

  • Adrian Dorazio

    Plz thankx need a new box for the living room!!!

  • Deanoyyz

    Paying too much for cable TV.. Thanks to vertical integration I am now expected to pay for the data plan to stream paid content owned and produced by the same company! How many times do I need to pay? My ISP’s on-demand content does not allow me to skip commercials either. UGH!

  • Amaan

    Xfinity is too expensive, cable package is too much.

  • Gabriela Colli

    I would really like to win mostly because of the games and right now I cant afford a game console.

  • jules mcnubbin

    cable was costing me a fortune

  • akao

    It;’s the future!

  • lvaquero

    I want it!!

  • Robert Davison

    Really need something new and the Shield is THE cream of the crop!

  • Sunday Guy

    i want to cut cord

  • I like saving me some money.

  • Tomenaki

    Here’s hoping for a win, but good luck to others as well.

  • Mikhail_Sergeevich

    Because it’s time to move forward.

  • Chris Kelly

    I’m still cored but maybe winning this my make me a cordcutter. Good luck to everyone.

  • Chris Knopff

    I am into a lot of things. I’ve been a relative cord cutter because of my dad.

  • Elvin Garcia

    Shield TV is a main reason why streaming and game service is great mix that I would like to buy for.

  • rajee

    to expensive to have it

  • notsofastnow

    I only wish Nvidea would get its voice search to work reliably… but otherwise I’ve been happy with my 500GB shield, which gives me all kinds of viewing options. Great picture and sound, and it makes my newer Amazon Fire TV seem downright pokey. Plus I LOVE the recommendations row.

    App support for Android TV is light years ahead of where it was even a year ago.

    I’ve been cable free for over two years now, and don’t miss it a bit — all that crappy programming, all those annoying ads, and the bloated bill that continued to rise like a runaway yeast culture.