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DIRECTV NOW is Handing Out DVR Beta Access Today

Last night some DIRECTV NOW subscribers who signed up for the DVR beta found a surprise in their myAT&T app. They found a new section there called AT&T DVR beta that likely means they have been selected for the beta.

For now only the message about the DIRECTV NOW beta being added to your account is showing up in their myAT&T app. Some of the readers report that they never did get an email explaining how to get access to the new app and DVR. Others received an email explaining how to add the new DIRECTV NOW app to access the beta features.

If you want to get in on the beta you are likely too late now. The DIRECTV NOW DVR beta website says the beta is now full and that it is not adding any new subscribers to the beta. (We did also find a post about this over on the DIRECTV NOW subReddit.)

From the looks of the beta so far it seems like AT&T is trying to better integrate all DIRECTV services. The new app says both DIRECTV NOW and DIRECTV customers will be able to log in and have the same experience.

Now it seems like once again DIRECTV NOW is putting users who get access to the DVR under a non-discloser agreement. So don’t expect a lot of early leaks about the DVR and the new DIRECTV NOW app.

We are unsure how many people got access to the DIRECTV NOW beta. It seems to be a small number and only a fraction of the people who got an invite to sign up for the beta.

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  • MacHead84

    I got the email to request participation but do not see this info on my myATT profile, so guess I wasnt selected

  • MacHead84

    Seems strange that the myATT card is titled DirecTV beta and the beta website is “directv” only as well. They have been intentional in the past about not mixing the two companies and specifically using the NOW language on all DTVN logos