DIRECTV NOW Coming to Roku in The “Next Few Weeks”

DIRECTV NOW is coming to Roku in the “Next Few Weeks” Per Chas Smith a Senior Vice President of Roku. This was stated during the TCL press event at CES today.

Chas Smith also added that Comcast’s Xfinity Roku Channel will also come to Roku players in the “next few weeks”.

More updates coming soon.

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  • Jeff McLean

    With all the errors on the apple tv I don’t know why they are expanding to other platforms.

  • Darren Bratton

    I’ve used it on the free fire stick they sent…the ‘catch-up’ is pretty useless, most shows I’ve tried to watch have maybe 1-3 episodes…will most likely cancel soon.

  • Norman

    DTVN roll out stories are less and less exciting. What’s up with Fubo’s expansion and the long promised Vidgo? So far, at less their no press is better than what’s been playing out at DTVN.

  • Dean Stibbs

    I have the 3 mos pre-paid sub for DTVNow, just to get the AppleTV. So glad I kept my Vue sub, too. DirecTV Now is pretty much garbage at this point. Lots of buffering, the VOD / Catch-up is severely lacking for TV shows, and of course no DVR (but I knew that going in).

    • skyvolt

      I got it for the Apple TV too. I needed one. But the service is frustrating so I just comfort myself by saying, on the brighter side I got a cheap Apple TV. I haven’t reactivated my PS Vue account but I’ll be doing so right after the 3 months end in early March.

      If Hulu or Google come up with a better service by March, I will have more choices. If PS Vue gets Viacom back by then, I will go back to them without questioning.

  • dy

    Now Xfinity wants to come out with a Roku channel?

  • Con Sorts

    just my luck it will be limited to 4 core roku 3 or 4’s instead of all v7.5 software capable roku’s.

  • Will Johnson

    Hopefully, this “few weeks” will be before I have to pay for another month. I got it on discount because I have a chromecast and can use it now. Patiently (not really) waiting for the Roku app. I’m not seeing the buffering issues that everybody else is. I get just about the same buffering on DTVN as Sling. However I have dropped about 300 bucks on a new modem, router and 2 deep spot terminators, so that may have something to due with it. I’ve paid for 1 month, I’ll probably pay for 2, but I won’t be paying for 3. Hurry the F up!!!!!!!

    • Brian Wear

      Hey try SFNTV hands down the best and most stable streaming channel on Roku ,try the 7 day trial. You have to logon to your Roku acct online then go to add channel and enter sfntv restart your Roku and it will show up. You can do the same with XTV just enter XTVIPTV in add channel for it… Xtv is free and has lots of cool stuff.

  • Jackie

    I went on and got it with the free Amazon Fire Stick, just to make sure I got the special $35 deal. So, I’m using the stick now, but I really don’t like Amazon Fire TV’s interface. There’s just too much clutter. I can’t wait to go back to Roku! I just hope DirecTV Now doesn’t do like PS Vue — on the Fire TV, PS Vue had a channel/programming guide, but not on Roku (according to what I read, because Amazon used PS Vue’s app, while Roku built their own). I love having a programming guide, and I really hope they don’t lose it on Roku!

    • Michele Spory

      Same with me. I don’t like Fire Stick compared to Roku. I’ve been switching back and forth between the two just for Directv now.

      • [email protected]

        same here.. to me the firestick sucks….now its 3/1/17 and no DTVN for Roku!!! Q1 is almost done.

    • Daniel Richards

      Roku didn’t build their own Vue app, ROKU DOES NOT MAKE APPS FOR OTHER COMPANIES, SONY used one of the TEMPLATES from the Roku SDK because Roku is notoriously hard to code for and Sony’s app developers are IDIOTS that probably can’t even code for Roku (just look at how poorly Vue runs on the Fire Stick compared to DTVNow and Sling) so using the SDK made it easy for them to put out an app, but is also the reason it TOTALLY SUCKS and looks like so many other Roku apps out there.

      • UncleNine

        Sorry, I just can’t agree with you re: “Roku is notoriously hard to code for…” Small companies like Plex and MediaMall have written (and support) feature-rich Roku channels. For a company like DirecTV (AT&T) to have problems with this is just very fishy to me. The high-school kids they probably hired to write the Roku channel is just another example of the deal-making (with Apple and Amazon,) and zero-investment mentality that goes back 100 years in AT&T. DirecTV (AT&T) just announced HBO for FREE for one year to their first-adopters. What’s up with that? C’mon DirecTV, get on the BALL and release the friggen’ Roku channel!

        • Daniel Richards

          this isn’t my opinion this is widely considered fact, Roku apps are written using Brightscript which is a coding language different from that used on other devices so you can’t “port” over builds from other devices and you have to either build a ground up app in a code different from the other devices on the market or you have to use a template from the SDK which results in a HORRIBLE app interface (like the one seen on Playstation Vue), Roku also had just began rolling out the new 7.5 Firmware that supports an Updated SDK with new templates that sounds like it would allow much of the DTV Now functionality to be built off a template as opposed to a ground up build at the same time this service launched, I suspect they decided to wait on that before developing a Roku app so they could put less time into the app development. Sony and AT&T both need to invest the required resources to build proper apps (as does several other major companies). smaller companies like Plex NEED users to use the platform a LOT more then these services do, there profit margins are smaller and so they need more users, they’ve also been in the game of streaming for a LOT longer so they’ve have the time to build the better apps, like Netflix and Sling have done.

          • UncleNine

            All good points, Daniel, except 1) Roku began rolling out the 7.5 firmware release in NOVEMBER, and 2) BrightScript is very similar to Visual Basic and JavaScript. I’m guessing AT&T would have had access to 7.5 in advance of the public, and any good coder could adapt to BrightScript. FInally, it is very rare that -any- application can be “ported” from one device to another, even if written in the -same-language. Differences in HW,

  • Con Sorts

    *crickets* it’s been a MONTH and still no DTVN on any Roku – so what’s the holdup?


      Now its been TWO MONTHS and still nothing. 🙁

      • Justin Chapman

        Now it has been THREE MONTHS and still no app.

  • Clint Sevilla

    Still waiting….

  • knowingisgrowing

    Hahaha, its been a month. WTF.

  • cwjuhl

    Hmmm. This was from January 4. It is now February 14. A “few weeks” has come and gone and still no directTV now on Roku.

  • jjimg1474

    I hate to give up the $60 package that I got for $35, but if Roku is not available by noon today…Directv Now is gone. And if the constant buffing is present with the Roku as it is with Apple TV, Chromecast, and the Fire Stick, it will be gone. I have had enough!

  • leahsmomndad


  • Nick Brown


  • UncleNine

    It is important to remember that Roku does not write the apps that support channels on it’s boxes and TV’s. It is the streaming provider that writes the app. Netflix, HBO, Hulu, MLB, and all the others write the app. It is DTV that is delaying this announcement, not Roku. In fact, I’m guessing that Apple and Amazon “bribed” AT&T (owner of DTV) to delay the Roku channel. Of course, this can never be -proven- but the “giveaway” of a $150 Apple TV for a $105 3 month subscription, and the very delay itself, is evidence enough for me. Blame AT&T and DTVN now for the delay, not Roku.

    • Daniel Richards

      damn near confirmed if this line from the DTVNow support I caught earlier today is accurate

  • Daniel Richards

    “Next Few Weeks”, guess thats the same definition as there “SOON” that they’ve been saying for 2 months in regard to the REMOVED 72 hour rewind, someone needs to teach these idiots the definition of a “few weeks” and “soon”

  • John Greenfield

    Is there an update to the DIRECTV NOW for Roku?

  • jeff

    Hate it when they say a few weeks and its going on 2 months. Guess its the same as saying a few days that turn out to be a week

  • Steve Dunn

    They shouldn’t have announced it would be coming to Roku if they were not going to keep their timeline. Apple TV is inferior to Roku in picture quality and ease of operation. Directv Now needs to be reminded that the competition is breathing down their necks and will work on Roku from the beginning!!
    “Google Officially Announces Their New Live TV Service – Will Include Local Channels & DVR” It will cost the same as Directv Now per month.

  • MrLightRail

    It’s now MARCH, and still no ROKU support!!!

  • knowingisgrowing

    next few weeks, next few months, never, same thing.

  • UncleNine

    All I have to say is, “WTF?” DTV: Where is the friggin’ Roku channel????

  • n9yty

    They can’t even get the Apple TV client to play properly. Espedcially on-demand content, it CONSTANTLY freezes the video while the audio keeps playing. I read other reports of this, nothing unique to me. My iPad works fine, so I have to Airplay my iPad to the Apple TV to watch these shows. Pathetic.

  • Dale Atwater


  • Jdog


  • knowingisgrowing

    This is hilarious, actually. I mean at 1st I was mad, but I’ve since cancelled and moved on. But really, I’d expect a ROKU mod to chime in , at least, on their official forums/blog and be like “ya, we’re confused too, checking with DTV, etc” but it’s just silence on both ends.

  • Bob Farrace

    Make that two months…

  • SpiritualDrummer

    I saw that it was coming in the first quarter of 2017. They got two weeks left.

  • Bill_in_Tx

    When he said weeks did he mean 14? It is mid-March and nothing on Roku. I bought this damn Roku 4 because I thought I would be able to stream DirecTV Now and it has become a paper weight. I knew I should have just bought another Apple TV,

  • knowingisgrowing

    ROKU updated their blog from “1st quarter” to “2017”. They provided no other comments, just edited the original article.

    Sounds like talks between ATT and ROKU are null.

  • UncleNine

    The “official” Roku blog on this topic was recently changed from “early first quarter” to “in 2017.” No more. AT&T/DTVN has said NOTHING. This is very fishy to me. Of course, it’s not Roku’s place to say anything. The Behemoth AT&T’s lawyers could tie up Roku for a decade if they wanted to.

    The other comparable streaming services (Sling TV, Netflix, HBO NOW, and many more) all have Roku channels up and running–and running very well. In the total absence of -any- communication from AT&T, all I can say is, “Fishy.”

    • Nick Brown

      In fairness, those other streaming services have decent apps on other devices too. If we can judge the quality of DirectTV’s developers by the quality of their Android app, I can certainly see why it might take a while to get it working on Roku.

  • UncleNine

    The “official” Roku blog on this topic was recently changed from “early
    first quarter” to “in 2017.” No more. AT&T/DTVN has said NOTHING.
    This is very fishy to me. Of course, it’s not Roku’s place to say
    anything. The Behemoth AT&T’s lawyers could tie up Roku for a
    decade if they wanted to.

    The other comparable streaming
    services (Sling TV, Netflix, HBO NOW, and many more) all have Roku
    channels up and running–and running very well. In the total absence of
    -any- communication from AT&T, all I can say is, “Fishy.”

  • Chad W

    It’s almost April. DirecTV looking like fools about right now.

  • knowingisgrowing

    lol…. going on June now. What a crock of shit.