Latin woman looking disappointed at her laptopscreen, sitting behind her desk at the office.

DIRECTV NOW Is Asking Subscribers For Help Fixing Excessive Buffering

Latin woman looking disappointed at her laptopscreen, sitting behind her desk at the office.It looks like DIRECTV NOW is trying to find out what is causing excessive buffering for some users.

To try to resolve these issues of why some DIRECTV NOW subscribers see buffering far more often than they should DIRECTV NOW has started to reach out to affected users.

This morning emails went out to DIRECTV NOW subscribers. The email asks to set up a phone call to talk about network setup, device usage, and more details about the buffering.

If you are one of the selected DIRECTV NOW subscribers you should have received an email from DIRECTVNOW Help. In the email it says it may continue to reach out to you for 14 days in an effort to better understand what is happening.

Unlike other studies, AT&T is not asking for anyone to come to its offices. It is just asking people who are willing to talk on the phone with the team behind DIRECTV NOW in an effort to better understand what is happening with buffering.

There are many factors that go into buffering and often your home network is a big part of what may be causing it; however, the service also can contribute to buffering. If you want to learn about ways to reduce buffering check out our tips HERE.

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  • Evan

    They need to start offering bandwidth options. Not everybody is going to have 4K SUHDTVs or is going to want to burn through all that data. For most stuff I watch 720p-1080p is suitable. They don’t even stream in 4K anyway. If they are concerned about bandwidth they need to let consumers choose their streaming quality options. Perhaps offer 480p or less for mobile.

    • Robert Anthony Hartzell

      All of the live TV streaming services need to have this option. Not only to improve streams on low or shared bandwidth, but to also help those poor souls with a data cap. Sling has had this option for quite awhile, but Vue and Directv Now only has it on their mobile apps.

  • MacHead84

    It takes about three to five seconds to select a channel and have it start streaming on my Apple TV, once the streams starts it never rebuffers, but the initial load takes longer than I’d like but far from a deal breaker.

    • mnsportsgeek

      It’s definitely location based.

  • Thomas Hessel

    There are so many variables involved here, I find it interesting that there are so many companies that just get it right. DTVN seems to be struggling in this space, still haven’t decided on Sling vs DTVNow but some of this might aid in my decision. While others have matured and offered options to reduce resolution to affect BW requirements and usage, we will see how DTVN deals with this. They are on the way to offering what could be an awesome solution, great guide, lots of channels, soon to be DVR, has all I need. More streams would be nice in a house of 5, maybe something for added cost they will add.

  • Shannon Griffith

    I was a DTVN subscriber and was with Directv for 15 plus years prior to me switching to all stream. I canceled my subscription for one reason BUFFERING way too many times it did this and I have 100 down service. I have FireTv and FireSticks in my home and it happens on all. I have switched to Playstation VUE and have absolutely no issues plus they have DVR service. Plus quality of picture on VUE is much better as well. If and when DTVN solves this issue, adds DVR service I will not be back and I am a ATT wireless customer so many incentives to come back and they try hard to get me. I told them it doesn’t matter what incentives you offer it is not worth it when you can’t watch TV when the pic is crap and it buffers all the time!