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ESPN Makes Major Cutbacks at ESPN2

ESPN has long been one of the most profitable cable TV channels. Now it seems to be the hardest hit as the way Americans view content changes. Back in 1993 ESPN decided to build off its success by launching ESPN2. ESPN2 focused on more youthful content with the goal of building the next generation of […]

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Amazon Video Wants to Make Your Valentine’s Day Special

Amazon Video today launched a special page with some of their best Valentine’s Day movies all in one spot. Both movies on Prime and movies for rent can be found here broken out in categories like ‘Romantic Dramas’, ‘Romantic Comedies’, and maybe your favorite category Love to ‘Hate Valentine’s Day?’ Here are a few examples of […]

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Telephone Terminals in Disarray on Phone Pole

The Consolidation of Internet Service Providers Continues – CenturyLink & Level 3 Communications Move Forward With a Merger

Last October CenturyLink and Level 3 Communications agreed to a $34 billion dollar merger. Now they are going through the slow process of FCC approval. Ohio, Utah and Nevada are the first states to sign off on the merger of broadband providers CenturyLink and Level 3 Communications, according to CenturyLink . “We continue to believe […]

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The EU Wants to Make It Easier to Travel with Netflix

About a year ago Netflix started its crackdown on people who use SmartDNS and VPNs to access its service. Many did this to try and get access to Netflix content not available in their countries, whereas others used it as a way to watch the content they paid for when they traveled outside the country. […]

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Verizon Just Made It Easier to Stream Your Content

Being able to stream anything you want at home and on the road has been the dream of many cord cutters for years. Now Verizon is joining T-Mobile and Sprint to offer an unlimited streaming option. Yesterday Verizon officially brought back an unlimited data plan starting at $80 a month if you sign up for […]

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