How to Fix the Roku Ultra USB

roku-ultraIf you have taken a look at a few of the review pages for the Roku Ultra, such as Amazon’s, you may have noticed many complaints about the USB.

Some say their Roku Ultra external hard drives are not working. We contacted Roku to ask why some hard drives are not being read by the Roku Ultra. They sent us the following statement:

The Roku Ultra supports USB 1.0, USB 2.0 and some USB 3.0 devices.

Note: For USB 3.0 devices that require more than 500mA (Milliamps), often a powered USB hub or USB 2.0 power booster cable may allow those devices to function normally as they will draw the extra current they need from those intermediate devices. You can see your HDD power requirements by consulting the documentation provided with your HDD drive.

In short the Roku Ultra does not supply enough power for some USB 3.0 devices. If you have a device that needs more power, look at getting a powered USB hub such as this is USB 3.0 Hub. This will supply the power you need for your hard drive allowing it to work with your Roku Ultra.

All USB 2.0 devices seem to work. The issue is with some—and not all—USB 3.0 devices.

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  • UberCrew

    Some of these issues could have been avoided had Roku used a USB 3.0 or 3.1 controller on their device instead of going the cheap route and using an old USB 2.0 controller. For a $129 device it should have a USB 3.0 controller.