Family Watching Television Together Arguing Over Remote

Tip of The Day: Try Them All…

Family Watching Television Together Arguing Over RemoteI often get asked what is the best cord cutting service. This is a popular question with live TV streaming services because many cord cutters struggle to pick one service.

The truth is there is no one service that is right for everyone. Each cord cutter is different with different needs. So one of my top tips is not to worry about what other cord cutters think is a good streaming service.

On top of all that there are so many to pick from: Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW, Hulu, PlayStation Vue, fuboTV, YouTube TV, and more.

What should you do to find the right streaming service for you? My recommendation is to try them all…

Unlike cable TV, cord cutting streaming services allow you to try them 100% free before you pay. So why not give all of them a try and then pick the service that is right for you?

Here is what I suggest all new and even current cord cutters do.

First, stop thinking of cord cutting like cable.

There are no long-term contracts like there are with cable. No need to worry about picking the wrong option because you can cancel at any time and most services offer a free trial.

Next, try them one at a time.

Often it is tempting to just try all of them at once; however, I would urge you to test them out one or maybe two at a time. That way you can give each one a real try and see if it has the channels you want and how you like the service overall.

Finally, don’t rush.

The last tip I wish all cord cutters would do is to not rush into picking a service or into cord cutting at all. Take your time, test it out, and do your research. You will find cord cutting is a lot more fun if you spend a bit of time to test it out before you take the leap.

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  • Deon Hamner

    This is why I love this site and recommend it to my friends. I’m changing the billing time for my PSVue so I’m gonna give DTVN a shot and see how it goes for a week and if I like, I’ll stay but it nice to try other services just to see what’s being offered out there…

  • BigO

    One of my favorite things to do as an Amazon Prime member is to utilize the free trials, cancel immediately, and then use the free trial to check out the service knowing I will not have to worry about paying for a month if I forget. If enough things catch my eye, I will subscribe for a month, and cancel and repeat as necessary.

    • Ben M

      I agree although I forgot to do that with Starz and ended up paying for a month.

  • Mike Thaler

    Of course if you need/want a particular channel(s), you can immediately eliminate the services that are lacking from your list. Eg. Some only have all locals in just a few cities.