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How to Save $5 on Sling TV’s Orange & Blue Bundle

Sling TV has been updating their website recently and now one of their most popular deals can be hard to find.

New subscribers will no longer find the popular Orange and Blue package for $40 listed on their site. There is good news though; while you wont find it on the Sling TV website, you can still get the Orange and Blue package for $40.

Cord Cutters News reached out to Sling TV to ask about the deal and find out what happened. According to Sling TV, if you signup for both the Orange and Blue package you will still get the $5 discount giving you both for $40 and you will find that at checkout.

With the Orange and Blue package, you get access to everything on both, including ESPN and FS1.

Not only has Sling TV been updating their site they have also been updating their service.

New DVR Features

  • Protect – Want to watch that epic sports play over and over or keep a favorite movie from being deleted? Now you can! If you want to keep a recording, simply choose “Protect” in the “Manage DVR” section, and the recording will stay on your DVR as long as you subscribe.
  • DVR Folders – We know it can be time-consuming to scroll through all your recordings, so we’ve made it simpler by grouping shows from one series into a single folder. That way, if you’re looking to catch up on every Game of Thrones episode before the premiere or binge-watch House Hunters, you’ll find all your recordings in one place. Roku users can currently see the new DVR Folders feature, and we will continue rolling it out to other devices soon.
  • Record from Franchise – Now you can record a show or series from its franchise screen, so if you search for a show like “The Walking Dead,” you can see episodes available on demand and set a recording for new episodes as they come out.

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  • Sunny Rain

    Most people would advertise the discounted price. They don’t wait for you to signup expecting a higher price and then surprise you with a discount.

    So, my guess is that Sling is on its way to eliminating the $40 Blue + Orange.

  • AstroMonster

    Still shows up there when I go there..without having to go to checkout

  • AstroMonster

    I still don’t get how anyone can think this is a better deal than Vue

    “You’ll get 53 channels with Orange + Blue and Cloud DVR and 4 Extras Deal, $54.98 + tax after your 7 Days Free. Edit”

    • Richard smith

      And 7 of the 53 are non channels

    • Gerry Allen

      This is a better deal than Vue if Vue doesn’t have the channels I want…like Hallmark.

    • Max Chaos

      It depends on the channels you are looking for. As for Me I like Hallmark, Lifetime, and LMN and Vue does not have any of those right now. Only thing I am missing on Sling is Discovery.

      • AstroMonster

        I definitely appreciate going with a service that fits your needs….

        I guess I am just looking at it differently…
        Going with a service due to them having a certain channel doesn’t mean it is the best value $$ wise, it just means it is the one that you need.

        Example…DirecTV Now’s original promo of 100 channels for $35 is the best value around, but if someone needs a DVR maybe something else meets their needs better.

        So yes, Sling TV definitely meets some people’s needs better. My whole point was that I didn’t think it was the best value (based on features, number of channels, price, etc).

        • monte reed

          I currently use PSV and Sling World Sports, a few months ago I had Sling Orange/Blue with sports extra and the 4 extras deal.
          If you are just watching at home on your Roku, PSV is the best. But Sling is by far more mobile friendly as you get all their channels on your phone Sling app and you can take your roku to a friends house and watch it on your friend’s network. Sling is also better on the Roku, PSV app on Roku needs updating very bad.

          • AstroMonster

            Agreed about the Roku port of Vue…

            Did you ever do the free trial for YouTube TV?
            While they may have a long way to go before it can compete, YouTube TV probably has the best mobile version I have ever used.

            It’s fluid, easy to read, and very very fast.

            It’s worth giving it a free trial just to see it

        • Max Chaos

          I agree on that. It depends on the individuals needs.

    • pawdog

      It was easy for me to switch back to Sling because in the end Vue was just no fun to use. Vue slow to use compared to Sling or DirecTV Now and Sling is good on every device. The Sling DVR and interface is far superior. The small difference in price is made up for with the superior service.

  • Amayama

    Why are people so hateful toward Sling? It works great for me and I don’t waste my time trashing other streaming services. You’ve been abused so much by cable you want to trash a decent and affordable service that actually works for some people. It doesn’t work for you… great, move on.

    • Nathan John Ganiere

      Sling is great, cheap and affordable, works decent most the time, does have occasional hiccups, I’m honestly thinking of subscribing with both Sling Blue (grandfathered in at $20) with no extra addons and Directv NOW Live a Little $35, both lowest bundles, then I’d get all the channels I need between the two, main reason for this is on a data cap and Direct uses alot where Sling don’t use much at all, thinking should be able to have a happy balance between the two in a month without having to upgrade my internet which would just be more money in the long run……

    • AstroMonster

      Has nothing to do with being abused by cable….I was never abused by any service.

      In my case, I had Sling TV for quite a while until I realized that other services like Vue had a far superior selection, features, and stream quality…and now DirecTV Now has surpassed Sling in stream quality and selection, also.

      What’s annoying is that people don’t realize that Sling TV is nothing more than cable/sat in disguise. They promote a la carte, but in reality what they do is spread the popular channels out across several “add-on” packages to get you have to buy multiple sets. Then they hide the fact that they are using these “add-ons” to pack in useless channels with one or two decent ones.

      The only way Sling TV is “cheaper” is if you are happy with just one stream (orange), and/or just a handful of channels (blue or orange).

      • Amayama

        Then good for you. Does that mean you need to make the case that Sling is no good because it is no good for you? Where do you find the time?

        I appreciate your public service in trying to save people like me whom you deem too stupid to realise that “sling is cable in disguise.” It is annoying and you are not right in terms of how it works for me. If you like DirecTv now, then yay! Spend your time enjoying that instead of sh*tting on what works for others. Bye!

        • AstroMonster

          I don’t care what you subscribe to, personally.
          However, I have every right to share my opinion just like you do to share yours.

          • Amayama

            I don’t care what you subscribe to either. Difference is I don’t have some weird agenda to make opinions about other people’s choice that aren’t actually accurate. You are unhelpful and not necessarily sharing accurate info. Thanks again and bye again.

            And you must care enough to keep slamming sling. That must be a fun life.

          • AstroMonster

            What’s pathetic is how you try to make it into personal attacks…that’s pathetic.

            If you let a little comment in a blog bother you so much, maybe you need a life change.

          • Amayama

            Pathetic = caring so much about what other people use. Use what you like and spend less time telling people why things you personally don’t like suck. They don’t universally. You don’t like sling personally? Good. No one cares. Trying to tell people that what works for them really doesn’t: that I do care about that — but not about you, personally.

          • AstroMonster

            Man, you are sad.

            The topic of the post was Sling..I commented about Sling..the comments section is for people to post their thoughts​ and opinions.

            If you​ don’t like it, don’t read it

          • Amayama

            Man, you need a hobby.

          • AstroMonster

            You obviously don’t know how to use a smart phone, or else you would know that it takes no time to answer or comment anytime, no matter what you are doing…

            I say this while at the beach enjoying the sun and surf with friends…so my life is just fine..go worry about yourself

          • Amayama

            As always, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Perfect example of your blithering idiocy disguised as facts.

          • AstroMonster

            Keep up with the insults, little man.


            You make me laugh.

            You’re so sad

          • Amayama

            Go back to your pretend beach. If you really have friends and family, and you are wasting your vacation arguing, you are doing life wrong. Sad.

          • AstroMonster

            Whatever you want to believe, troll

          • Amayama

            Also, an opinion becomes a personal attack when it is about you? My opinion is that you (based on your opinion — as I don’t know you) are unhelpful and inaccurate

    • Sunny Rain

      It’s not about trashing Sling. It’s about fighting for streaming services to get better. Sling is built on deceptive tactics and shallow features to create a bad experience, forcing people to stick with cable as long as they can. They’re not trying to compete with cable. They’re only trying to reach out to people who wouldn’t have gone for cable in the first place.

      • Amayama

        You state that like it is a fact — which is inaccurate and irresponsible and pretty deceptive on your part. “Sling is built on deceptive tactics and shallow features to create a bad experience, forcing people to stick with cable as long as they can.” lol. Just don’t use it. Pretty simple.

        • Sunny Rain

          It’s a fact. It’s deceptive and they have shallow features. It’s deceptive in their claim that they offer “A La Carte” when they still force you to buy a lot of packages with garbage channels just to get the few you want.

          Their features are shallow in several aspects like: tiny but expensive DVR that doesn’t even work on all channels; scarce On Demand that you can’t even fast forward through the content; no web support; very limited 3rd party app support.

          And third, Dish has made it clear that Sling is not meant to disrupt the market. They just want to capture those people who can’t have cable. Because they don’t want to lose their Dish customers.

          So, yes, they’re facts.

          • Amayama

            I don’t think “facts” means what you think it means.

          • Camille M

            Those are not facts, they’re opinions. On ‘A La Carte’ I agree with you, although they can reasonably argue they’re closer to real a la carte than the others. It’s no more deceptive than a lot of advertising.

            Whether 50 hours of DVR is tiny is a matter of opinion. With two people using it, mine has never gone over 50 hours. I think their on-demand is pretty extensive. Only PS Vue and Hulu say they have unlimited fast forward. And PS Vue is the only other service with support for as many player devices as Sling. But Vue limits use outside the home network while Sling does not. Whether web support and third party app support are important depends entirely on the individual.

            Sling is only for for people who can’t have cable? Whether that’s Dish’s intention or not, it’s clearly not true. I had cable TV and dropped it partly because Sling offers most of the channels I watch.

            Which one is best depends on what you want to get and what you want to spend. There are so many differences between the services that it’s nonsense at this time to say one is superior or inferior for everyone.

  • Respected Citizen

    I clicked the first highlighted word (services) on


    Customers can buy both services and receive a $5 discount. When both
    services are purchased, the Broadcast Extra is also included, where
    available (geographic restrictions apply).