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Here Are The Top 10 Free Fire TV Apps as of January 2017

The Fire TV library of apps has been quickly growing to offer a range of apps giving users access to a ton of 100 percent free content; however, many of the apps are not video apps, so it can be difficult to find good cord cutting apps. So here are the top 10 free video Fire TV apps as of […]

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NBC Sports Is Expanding Its Streaming Services

NBC Sports has had a presence in streaming for some time but it has always been fairly limited. Now it seems as if NBC is making a major move to increase its reach by offering more streaming options for sports fans. NBC plans to offer more options for live and video on-demand options for fans […]

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Netflix Unfortunate

Netflix Wants to Offer More Family-Friendly Originals

Netflix has made a name for itself in the world of original content. Just this week Netflix won several Golden Globe awards for its originals. However, many of Netflix’s originals are not what many would call family friendly and that is something Brian Wright, VP of Family Content at Netflix and a former Nickelodeon exec, […]

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SlingBox M2

Sling Media Stops Manufacturing The Slingbox

Slingbox the pioneer in video place-shifting, has stopped manufacturing Slingbox units. Sling Media says they will continue to sell Slingboxes that remain still in stock according to a report from Satellite Business News. “That means that once the existing stock of the standalone streaming devices is sold, the only way consumers will be able to buy a unit […]

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