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Roku 4 Will Support Optical Audio Out

New images of the Roku 4 show it will support an Optical Audio out, something that has been missing from recent Roku models. It will also help the Roku stand out from the Fire TV which has removed the Optical Audio port on their new boxes. In a market that is increasingly about check box […]

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The Week In Review

Typically we just post our top story of the week every Sunday morning. This week there is so many big news stories we decided to post a quick run down of all the big news last week. So here is the big news of the week broken out by category: Everything coming to Netflix in […]

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Review: The New Chromecast 2

We have been testing the new Chromecast for a while and have been impressed. It is noticeably faster, but the new Chromecast app leaves a lot to be desired. The new Chromecast is considerably easier to set up. Plugging it into the TV is made easier by the attached HDMI cable allowing you to fit […]

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The Roku 4 is About The Size Of Two Roku 3s!

In our last post about the size of the Roku 4 we showed that the Roku 4 looks bigger than the Nvidia Shield one of the largest dedicated streaming boxes on the market. So now we take a look at how older Roku models line up to with the Nvidia Shield. First here is how […]

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The Cord Cutting Show Episode 25 – New Chromecast, Roku Rumors, and More!

Episode #25 of The Cord Cutting Show is now online! AFTVnews and Cord Cutters News have teamed up to bring you a weekly podcast about cord cutting. You can find us on iTunes here: Or you can subscribe with our RSS feed here: You can download the MP3 of today’s podcast here: […]

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Roku 4 Specs Leaked!

That’s according to specs that were briefly published today in the online Roku developers guide . The information was quickly taken down but the following is now know. CPU: ARM quad core Accelerated Graphics API: OpenGL ES 2.0 RAM: 1.5GB HDMI 720p Video Out: Yes HDMI 1080p Video Out: Yes HDMI 2160p Video Out: Yes […]

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