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ESPN Hits an 11-Year Subscriber Low

2016 was a very bad year for cable TV channels…from a record number of subscriber drops and higher costs to retransmission fights that resulted in 2017 starting with a ton of blacked out local stations. Add it all up and it’s a bad time to own a cable TV network. Now we get a new […]

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PlayStation Vue Added 20 New CBS Stations This Week

Late last year Sony announced that its PlayStation Vue service would be adding many new local stations. We already saw a handful of CBS stations added and now, in the last week, it added 20 more. Here is the full list of the new CBS stations that have been added in the last week: Added […]

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UFC Fight Night: Lamas v Sanchez

UFC Fight Pass is Free This Weekend

UFC Fight Pass is the subscription streaming service from UFC that grants viewers access to a wide range of live events and on-demand content. Now for the first time everyone can get access to the UFC Fight Pass without having to enter payment details. During the free weekend you will not only have access to […]

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Amazon is Launching a New Streaming Service

Amazon has long pushed Amazon Prime as its main streaming service. In the past it has picked up streaming services such as Twitch, the live game streaming service, to expand its catalog. Now, for the first time, Amazon is launching its own subscription-based streaming service. Anime Strike is $4.99 a month and comes with 1,000 […]

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PlayStation Vue Adds More CBS Stations

CBS may not be ready to team up with DirecTV Now but that has not stopped it from working with Sony’s PlayStation Vue. Late last fall Sony announced that more local channels would be coming to its live TV streaming service PlayStation Vue. Since that announcement it has been quietly adding new local channels, especially […]

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DIRECTV NOW Rolls Out a Major App Update

Since launch DIRECTV NOW has been quietly updating its apps to address many common issues. Yesterday DIRECTV NOW once again rolled out a major update to many of its apps. The following is a breakdown of what is new from the iOS update: (Note: Many of the fixes rolled out to other versions also.) Added ability […]

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Roku Is Starting to Dominate the Smart TV Market

Roku has for a long time dominated the streaming set-top box market. Many reports have Roku controlling over half of all streaming players in American households. According to our own surveys as many as 67% of our readers own a Roku player. Yet the smart TV market was a market that Roku had little presence […]

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The Weather Channel is Coming to a Local TV Station Near You

The Weather Channel has a long history of creating partnerships with radio stations to air local weather. Now it seems that the Weather Channel is taking that same format to TV stations. On Tuesday Rocky Mountain PBS became the first Weather Channel broadcast TV partner. Now when you tune into the Rocky Mountain PBS station […]

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