Hulu’s Live TV Beta Now Has Access to More CBS Content

Back in January CBS and Hulu struck a deal to let Hulu have access to CBS content on its new live TV beta service. Now it seems Hulu’s live TV beta will give you access to even more CBS content through the CBS app.

Recently, we are not sure when, CBS added Hulu as a supported TV provider for its CBS TV Anywhere app. This will give Hulu live TV beta subscribers access to the CBS apps and opens up a host of new on-demand content you cannot get with the Hulu app.

The addition of CBS TV Anywhere support makes Hulu’s live TV beta an even better deal. Now not only do you get live TV but you will also get full access to the Hulu on-demand library and the CBS TV Anywhere library of programming.

Once again we are seeing the live TV streaming wars heating up as DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and others battle it out with newcomers such as Hulu’s live TV beta. In the end the real winners are cord cutters because we get access to even more new content.

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  • Richard smith

    It says “Sign in with your Tv provider to stream live tv” different thing.

    • Craig Phillips

      Yeah I get the same thing and then it says not available in your area.

      • Richard smith

        I know CBS all access doesn’t have live streams in all areas. Also does Hulu even offer live Cbs?

        • Craig Phillips

          Hulu does not offer live CBS in my area yet. I do know the CBS All Access does as I had it for a couple months before cancelling.

  • Charles Simpson

    As soon as they drop that ridiculous $15 a month fee to be able to skip commercials with their DVR service. I’ll probably go back.

  • Penone

    Fake news. This does NOT give you access to any additional on demand content.