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Is There Any Hope of the NFL Sunday Ticket Coming to DIRECTV NOW? We Take a Look…

With the NFL season a few weeks away and the NFL preseason starting this week I am being flooded with questions about the NFL Sunday Ticket and if there is any hope of it coming to DIRECTV NOW for cord cutters.

When I say a flood I mean a flood of messages, so I wanted to take a moment to answer this question here because I expect even more people have the same questions.

No. DIRECTV NOW has never officially said it plans to add the NFL Network or the NFL Sunday Ticket to DIRECTV NOW; however, AT&T has been running several surveys about the NFL Sunday Ticket and DIRECTV NOW.

Here is what we know about a possible NFL Sunday Ticket streaming service for cord cutters.

Back in2016 AT&T started to survey subscribers who canceled their service asking if they would come back for a standalone streaming option of the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Again just a few weeks ago AT&T sent out surveys to DIRECTV NOW subscribers asking about everything from DVRs to the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Just weeks after the second survey went out AT&T announced plans for a DVR among other new features. No official mention was made of the NFL Sunday Ticket and the fact that its only been a few weeks since the surveys went out make it unlikely something will happen soon.

So that is everything we know. Clearly AT&T is considering what to do with the NFL Sunday Ticket but nothing says it will happen this year.

AT&T does already have a streaming service for the NFL Sunday Ticket, but you have to live in an apartment or other similar location where you cannot get DIRECTV. It seems to be becoming more strict as to who can get that deal but it is there if you live in a house that cannot get DIRECTV.

Is it possible that the NFL Sunday Ticket could come to DIRECTV NOW this year? Sure, but we have not seen anything to make us believe it will happen this year.

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  • MacHead84

    Because certain games air on CBS, they can not offer it. Same reason March Madness app could not be supported for college basketball.

    • JD Campbell

      Sling doesn’t have CBS but they do have NFL Network in their Blue package. How are they able to do it?
      Not arguing, just curious. I think PSVue has NFL Network also.

      • MacHead84

        Yes because NFL Network owns the rights and CBS licenses from them, having NFL Network bypasses the CBS restriction. This is why Sling also can not access March Madness app but PSVue can since they have CBS deals. I suppose I was limiting in stating due to CBS, when due to CBS and NFL Network. DTVN would need a deal with 1 of the 2

        • JD Campbell

          Got it. Thank you.

    • ThePsycho

      They just struck a deal with CBS and its cable networks today.

  • Pebo Bryson

    best way to watch the NFL on sundays is redzone, everything else is just a glut of commercials. more commercials than actual football.

  • Mark

    When Sunday Ticket was available to stream on the PS3 a long time ago, they didn’t announce it’s availability until the Tuesday before the season started. IF, again IF, they offer it on DIRECTV Now, I bet they don’t announce it until around September 5th. They want to get as many traditional subscribers as possible.

  • Cooper McChester

    Dear NFL, kick Directv to the curb and sell your product straight to the consumer.. No middle man selling us crud we don’t want and no middle man taking profits from you.

    • MacHead84

      That would require NFL investing Millions into streaming capabilities that directv already has in place, the overhead makes it more profitable to use a pass through

  • Nathan John Ganiere

    won’t be an type of announcement if we get NFL Network, Red Zone, or NFL Sunday Ticket, most likely will just happen right before season if it does, if not, still will get games on local Fox, Sunday Night on NBC, and ESPN Monday Night, if you should get all 3…….

  • mnsportsgeek

    I would be shocked if they offer Sunday Ticket. I don’t see it happening.

    I would be surprised if they don’t offer NFL Network or NFL Redzone. I’m personally hoping for a $10-$15 sports package like what Vue did but instead of national RSN feeds (which are virtually useless) they offer BeIN and Fox Soccer Plus in addition to redzone, nfl network, goal line, strike zone, etc.

    • Nathan John Ganiere

      hopefully they add NFL Network, would be only service then to offer the 4 major sports networks, in NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL…………

  • Brian Rene

    I actually spoke with a rep for Directv Now yesterday, and they said Sunday Ticket would be offered, but could not give me any info on price. I just had to wait to be emailed. I also asked about Red Zone channel, and I was told I would have to purchase Sunday Ticket in order to receive this; it would not be offered as a stand alone upgrade.

  • Scott Whitt

    I’m trying to remember how far out Vue added NFL Network last year. It seems it was rumored then confirmed and added a week or so before the season.

  • Deon Hamner

    I’m trying out direct tv now. They add NFL network, red zone and DVD I’ll be yours. I like Vue but if you going up on the prices I want more channels

  • Bones1389

    There has to be a restriction placed on DirecTV/AT+T by the NFL or its partners. They would love to offer it because it would make them a ton of money. Considering that, I’d be really curious if Sunday Ticket were to be offered right before the season starts. I have DirecTV but I would rather have DirecTV Now because of the price and because they will no longer service my dish since it can’t be reached by a ladder.