We Are Giving Away 3 Months FREE DIRECTV NOW, HBO, STARZ, Cinemax, & A Roku Premiere (1 Day Left)

To celebrate my 5th anniversary of becoming a cord cutter we are giving away 3 months of DIRECTV NOW Gotta Have It package with over 120 channels. You will also get 3 months of FREE HBO, STARZ, and Cinemax. Now to make sure you have something to watch all of that with we are including the newest version of the Roku Premiere.

Tomorrow is your last day to enter!

We would like to thank DIRECTV NOW for donating to the giveaway.

Want to read my full cord cutting story? You can find it HERE.

How to enter the giveaway:

Log in via email or Facebook to the entry widget below and do at least one of the following things to enter. The more you do, the more chances you get!

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To enter the giveaway please make sure to use the Rafflecopter giveaway block at the bottom of this post.

The contest ends at 11:59 pm Eastern on August 7th 2017 so make sure to enter soon! (Open to residents of the United States.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Chris Hauk

    I first cut the cord early this year, and I’m loving it. We do most of our viewing via our Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Smart TV. We don’t miss cable.

  • Leo Eris

    I’ve tried SlingTV now I am on Youtube TV and preferring it despite no Food Network and I would like to see what DirecTV Now is all about through this giveaway.

    Oh yeah, this site is great. I am very glad I found it.

  • Brian Alexander

    I’ve never had a cable subscription. Always just used rabbit ears or a large antenna as a kid. Just starting to explore the options available with internet.

  • Mike Buhler

    I became a cord-cutter full-time almost two years ago when I moved to Nebraska 🙂

  • Sean Berends

    Looking forward to all these companies battling it out.

  • Jared Hamilton

    Let me win this!

  • flatline

    Have been a cord cutter but the prices all being raised is giving fewer reasons to even bother. Cord Cutting was about cost cutting but everyone thinks they can raise the prices over and over even while at times removing content. Cord cutting options are going to go away if people keep going down this route. Would love a chance to see DirectTV Now as I haven’t had a chance to check them out yet.

  • ConcernedParent

    I have saved thousands of dollars since becoming a cord cutter. I no longer have a cable package but I do have the fastest internet offered. I mainly watch YouTube videos and documentaries. Almost everything is on there anyway. I look forward to possibly winning. 🙂

  • Lacy Beam

    I have been a cord cutter for close to 4 years. We have so much more content available now. The “trend” has come along way. I was so tired of paying $100-120 per month for Directv. I am very happy with Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix. I occassionally add HBONow when GOT is on. Please consider me for this giveaway.

  • Roy Aguilera


  • BrianH1972

    No more satellites on my rooftop. Lov’n it!

  • Rick AndRock

    Free hbo, starz, and skinamax. Directv and a new roku would also be a nice addition to to my new TV.