DIRECTV NOW on Roku? We Answer Your Questions

Recently my mailbox has been flooded with readers asking about DIRECTV NOW on Roku. I received so many questions that I wanted to post here to try and address all of the comments and emails.

Back when DIRECTV NOW launched in late 2016 it was announced that in the first quarter of 2017 DIRECTV NOW would come to Roku devices. Well, sadly just before April the timing for DIRECTV NOW was changed to sometime in 2017, and now it is May and DIRECTV NOW is not on Roku devices.

So what is happening?

I have talked with people at both Roku and AT&T about the DIRECTV NOW on Roku. Both companies made it clear that the app will come out soon—as in sooner than later this year. Both companies said they are working hard on the Roku Channel and hope to have it out soon.

Both AT&T and Roku declined to comment on what the holdup is. Leaks have suggested that AT&T did not want to roll out the Roku app until it had addressed the stability issues DIRECTV NOW had at launch.

Now the early stability issues DIRECTV NOW had have been fixed and the timing feels right, so I do expect DIRECTV NOW to come out sooner than later. As soon as it goes live we will post about it.

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  • Joseph ewing

    PS Vue delayed with Roku for similar reasons last year (or so it was leaked).

    With Roku hold approx. 50% of the home streaming market, this makes sense – although it is frustrating for those of us using Roku.

  • Bill Eastman

    They did add more apps including TVLAND, and the apps work now on Roku. Yes, i want DIRECTV NOW on Roku but at least I can watch the channels. See for guide.

  • michael caley

    at&t knows that they can’t handle things now with how it is running and when they go to the most popular streaming device things will start crashing again, it is pure money decision. I subscribed to it on the morning of the launch for the prepay for 3 months and get a Apple TV which I gave to my daughter. I don’t what it that much cause I have to cast to chromecast which sucks.

  • rob cully

    When is roku getting pac 12 networks for people in Oregon, Washington, California?

  • bobododo

    My experience is that DIRECTV Now works fine at this point on all of their (rather small list of) currently supported devices except for FireTV devices on which Directv Now performance is still abysmal.

    • Pen Guin

      DirectTV did give away free AppleTVs.

  • UncleNine

    I don’t believe the “stability” story. I believe they (AT&T) cut a deal with Apple and/or Amazon to delay Roku. Of course there is no proof–other than the giveaways of Fire and Apple IV devices. These two huge companies (Apple and Amazon) haven’t been able to beat Roku “fairly” so stealing market-share is their strategy, IMHO.

    They may be too clever by half if Hulu or Google beats them up with a superior product that -will- work on Roku.

    I have eight Roku’s and I signed up for the $35 deal and the “free” Apple IV (which is clearly inferior to the Roku 3) and I have ‘taste-tested’ DTVN on my PC and Android tablets. I have had NO ‘stability’ issues at all. None. But I’m really anxious for the DTVN channel on Roku.

    It may sound nuts, but I really would prefer to do business with Google (YouTube) or even Hulu (Comcast, Fox and Disney–yuck) than with AT&T. However, with Net Neutrality scheduled to be a victim of Trump, we ALL may be screwed. Huh?

  • Hope when the service finally launches on Roku it will have a guide, unlike PS Vue with its terrible user interface.

  • AKarba

    NVidia Shield TV, the finest 4K Android TV and gaming system.. that doesn’t care about supporting the “TV” in Android TV. The ‘hacks’ to use it take me back to the early days of every day bugginess. Forced to keep and use the Apple TV that came free, and even bought a LeEco as a spare bedroom TV for better experience.

  • Think Like Ya Enemy

    As long as Sling doesn’t have Fox News, they are a lesser service

  • Jeff Hammon

    I do not own a roku. I have seen the Comet TV Channel online through their website. The cool thing about the Comet TV Channel is that they have edited movies like TNT, SyFy or AMC do. I like to watch movies from the 70’s – 90’s with my 10 year old son that may have excessive violence or some nudity if they were not edited (e.g. on DVD). I want to by a roku but am wondering if there are more channels like Comet TV where the movies are edited. Maybe Comet TV is an anomaly so I just want to check with you if you know of a list. Thanks.

  • Christy Schanks-Rockhold

    If you have a samsung phone or tablet and samsung tv, then you can watch directv now that way. Just do the mirror screen or smart view. The only downside is sometimes there is an audio delay. It’s better than nothing.

  • Kurt Schultz

    Stop tweeting out old stories, especially ones with misleading headlines

    • TheEnd

      I thought it was going to be about it finally being on Roku as well lol