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DIRECTV NOW & CBS Officially Strike a Deal Adding CBS Owned Stations

Since launch CBS was the only major broadcast network DIRECTV NOW did not have a deal with. Well that all changed today with a deal to add CBS owned locals and The CW, Pop, CBS Sports Network. You can also get Showtime as an add-on for just $8 a month.

Update: CBS and The CW will be available on all DIRECTV NOW packages. Pop will be included starting on “Just Right” and CBS Sports Network  starting on “Go Big.”

“This is another key milestone in bringing DIRECTV NOW users access to their favorite entertainment, news and sports from all of the major broadcast networks,” said Daniel York, senior executive vice president and chief content officer – AT&T Entertainment Group. “As we add more live national and local channels, we know even more people will choose DIRECTV NOW as their go-to streaming service.”

As part of the agreement, DIRECTV NOW customers will also have access to live local coverage on nearly 25 live local CBS and The CW stations. Initially, local CBS stations will be available in:

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Philadelphia
  • Dallas – Ft. Worth
  • San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose
  • Boston
  • Detroit
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul
  • Miami-Ft. Lauderdale
  • Denver
  • Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA
  • Pittsburgh
  • Baltimore

DIRECTV NOW also announced plans to add at least 30 additional ABC, Fox, and NBC Affiliates this fall bringing the total number of live locals to over 170. DIRECTV NOW also added more ABC affiliates today.

Here is a full list of all locals on DIRECTV NOW before today:

Anchorage, AK: FOX   Juneau, AK: FOX
Atlanta, GA: ABC, FOX   Kansas City, MO: ABC, FOX, NBC
Austin, TX: ABC, FOX   Las Vegas NV: ABC
Baltimore, MD: ABC   Los Angeles, CA: ABC, FOX, NBC, My13
Bangor, ME: FOX   Miami-Ft Lauderdale FL: ABC, FOX, NBC
Biloxi-Gulfport, MS: FOX   Milwaukee, WI: ABC, FOX, NBC
Boston, MA: ABC (WCVB), ABC (WMUR), NBC   Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN: ABC, FOX, My29
Charlotte, NC: ABC, FOX, myTV12   New York, NY: ABC, FOX, NBC, My9
Chicago, IL: ABC, FOX, NBC, My50   Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne, FL: ABC, FOX, My65
Cincinnati, OH: ABC   Philadelphia: ABC, FOX, NBC
Cleveland, OH: ABC, FOX   Phoenix, AZ: ABC, FOX, My45
Columbus, OH: ABC   Pittsburgh, PA: ABC, NBC
Columbus-Tupelo, MS: FOX   Portland, OR: ABC
Dallas – Fort Worth: ABC, FOX, NBC, My27   Raleigh-Durham, NC: ABC
Denver, CO: ABC, FOX   Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA: ABC, FOX
Detroit, MI: ABC, FOX   Salt Lake City, UT: FOX, NBC
Eugene, OR: FOX   San Antonio, TX: ABC
Fresno-Visalia CA: ABC   San Diego, CA: ABC, FOX, NBC
Gainesville, FL: FOX   San Francisco – Oakland – San Jose, CA: ABC, FOX, NBC, KTVU Plus
Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo, MI: FOX   Seattle-Tacoma, WA: ABC, FOX
Greensboro-Winston-Salem, NC: FOX   Springfield, MO: FOX
Greenville-Spartanburg, SC-Asheville, NC: ABC   St. Louis, MO: ABC, FOX
Harrisburg-Lancaster, PA: FOX   Tampa-St Petersburg, FL: ABC (WFTS), ABC (WWSB), FOX
Hartford-New Haven, CT: FOX, NBC   Washington, DC (Hagerstown, MD): ABC, FOX, NBC, My20DC
Houston: ABC, FOX, My20   West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce, FL: ABC, NBC
Indianapolis, IN: ABC, FOX  

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  • Thomas Hessel

    Great, but let’s hope this doesn’t come with the $7 local broadcast fee’s like added on by most cable companies.

    • mnsportsgeek

      It won’t.

      • JGaLaXY

        well see lol

    • LMan

      Good point. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before the providers and the government starts adding on fees. When ViOP phone service (Vonage) first came out their were no taxes or fees. Now the $13 a month plan is almost $20 with all the fees and taxes. With many people leaving traditional cable service local towns will want their “franchise” fees.

    • MacHead84

      Be nice if you could opt to remove all locals from your package then, I have no issues using antennas

  • sonicdsl

    Great news! I need CBS for some of the football, and am really hoping that and The CW are actually added by the time the seasons start! These networks and the DVR are the only thing missing from DTVN (for me).

    Having said all that, I hope that DTVN works out it’s NFL issues ASAP (after the game was blocked on my FireTV during last week’s HOF game)!!

  • mnsportsgeek

    Yes! CBS is O&O in my area and now with the announcement of Tegna ABC affiliates coming on, I hope NBC affiliates are next. I may have all 4 locals very soon!

    And Showtime for $8 a month? Nice!

    • Nathan John Ganiere

      yeah I don’t believe that statement with the CW part being included for Minnesota but I guess we’ll see….

  • Jeff Edsell

    YES!! Just make that DVR available and I’m there.

  • This is great news. I was just about to cancel CBS all access so great timing.

  • JGaLaXY

    this is exciting but I feel there is a Catch 22 awaiting lol

  • mau47

    Huge news here. Only thing I am left wanting which isn’t a huge deal but more of a nice to have is myPHL (owned by Sinclair/Tribune) They already have a deal with my network so I assume it’s just a matter of getting Sinclair on board.

  • paul

    are the CBS owned locals and The CW, Pop, CBS Sports Network along with Showtime as a add-on for just $8 a month avail now? or Bad word Soon?

    • John Smith

      The CBS owned locals and most of the others are going to be added as part of people’s existing packages. A few of the CBS related networks only in the higher packages. But all the locals in the cities they announced will be added to all package levels. The only $8 a month add on is Showtime.

      • paul

        Ok when are they gonna be added?

        • John Smith

          ATT is only saying… starting to roll out in some areas in the “coming weeks”

          Probably your chances are better if you’re in a big city where the local CBS affiliate is owned by the network like NY, LA, Chicago, SF Bay Area and similar. Those are probably going to be the first to come online. But that’s just my reasonable speculation.

  • Mike Carver

    And please add Hallmark Movies to more then just the lowest cost tier. My wife and others in my family require that channel and since we got the special deal we do not get that channel. Just dumb.

    • mnsportsgeek

      Ya, Hallmark movies only being on the lowest tier is really weird.

  • Reggie Suplido

    Might be helpful to add this Local Channels Lookup tool for DTVN:

  • lutchman

    any date on this?

    • mau47

      according to one article “Within a few weeks” so I would guess by end of the month. Hopefully sooner since CBS already has the infrastructure in place for streaming for the initial launch stations so it’s just a matter of connecting the two services together.

      • John Smith

        the actual language of the announcement is…they plan to start rolling it out in the coming weeks. Note they’re using the work “start.” No other time references given.

  • BrianH1972

    Somebody please explain why only some markets get it and others do not. I have never understood this. I live in Houston (4th largest city in USA) and we don’t get it. Does DTVNow have to negotiate with each market individually?

    Why is NBC on demand only and not a live feed? What is the point of that?

    • MacHead84

      Basically that is correct, from my understanding, certain markets stations are “locally owned and operated” they can directly negotiate for themselves, other areas are subsidiaries of the main networks and can not negotiate for themselves. And each parent company then has to renegotiate deals with their subsidiaries to be able to then renegotiate with DTVN. More or less

  • NotMyCombOver

    Have Vue right now, but if they get their DVR out of beta, and with the addition of the CBS local affiliate, I might actually check out DTVNow in the near future.

  • I can’t wait until they get around to adding all the local sub channels.

  • Tony Gondick

    ABC affiliate WZZM has joined the channel listing in the Grand Rapids, MI market, along with FOX. Hoping for NBC and CBS soon!

  • Vincent South Florida

    Make that plus DVR and Apple TV Single Sign On and I’m there too –

  • Brandon

    I wonder if this means that CBS on demand content will be available on DIRECTV Now (not CBS all access) for all customers, including those not in these local markets, similar to the other big 3 networks. I’d be satisfied with that in absence of the actual local.

  • Respected Citizen

    my20 in D.C. rebranded as “Fox 5 Plus” last month. Fox sold My20’s bandwidth at auction, and will move the station’s signal to digitial channel 5.2.

  • Jerry Fuller

    Glad to see DTVN continue to make strides. They are adding CBS and their DVR is in beta. I will consider them again in the future if they add CSN Philly. Right now PS Vue and Hulu Live TV beta are ahead of them. But the bottom line is what channels do they offer in your area, and what features are provided, and at what price?