DIRECTV NOW Announces Plans to Add 55 More Locals

AT&T’s live TV streaming service DIRECTV NOW has had a busy week. The biggest announcement was a deal to bring 25 CBS affiliates to DIRECTV NOW as part of a new deal with CBS; however, it did not stop there. It also added several ABC and NBC stations this week without a lot of fanfare.

To top it all off DIRECTV NOW at the same time it announced the CBS deal also announced a deal to bring more locals to DIRECTV NOW.

“In the coming weeks we also plan to launch at least 30 additional ABC, FOX and NBC affiliates on DIRECTV NOW. This will bring the total to over 170 live local channels available across more than 80 metro areas,” AT&T said in a statement sent to Cord Cutters News.

Now don’t expect one big announcement that all 30 channels showed up one day. Recently we have noticed that DIRECTV NOW has started to add a local here and a local there as soon as it is ready. That means that all 30 will come but two may show up today and five may come next week, for example.

Some of these locals may have already been added as just today DIRECTV NOW added the Fox affiliate KADN in Lafayette, Louisiana.

DIRECTV NOW over the same time will also be adding 25 CBS affiliates but hinted that more are on the way. (DIRECTV NOW already has deals with many CBS affiliate owners for its other local stations.)

We will have to wait and see when these channels are added to DIRECTV NOW.

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  • Spencer Karter

    I hope WCSC, WCBD, WCBD, and WTAT from Charleston, SC is added on DIRECTV NOW soon.

  • Mike Stambaugh

    Do these locals just show up on your guide when they’re added ?

  • BrianH1972

    Cord Cutters News. Why is NVC demand only? I dont understand that concept. What gives?

    • NBC is currently on demand only because Directv Now has to make deals with each local NBC affiliate for live tv. Same issue with CBS & ABC. You’ll be stuck with just on demand programming until they strike a deal with your area.

      • Evan

        So why is NBC Boston live then? Some DTVN customers do have live. Some apparently have on demand only.

        • According to Wikipedia, it looks like NBC Boston is actually owned by NBC. These local channels should work fine with live. It’s all the other local markets that are owned by separate companies that won’t be live until a deal is struck with them. For example, I live in the Nashville area and the only current local channel available live is FOX on Vue. Nothing is live on Directv Now yet.

    • Evan

      NBC Boston is live. I have no idea why you don’t get a live stream. NBC is available in your market? Are you at home or mobile outside of your home market? These services are geotagged. So if I live in Texas and I visit Denver I would only have access to in demand content. I would not recieve any Denver local channels for example. The geotagging is not as smart and dynamic as that.

  • aoliver515

    I received an email from DTVN that local channels for ABC and FOX have been added to the Louisville KY area. FOX has local stream, but ABC is “on demand” . Anyone else still getting on demand instead of local stream after getting email ?

  • Pete B

    I received an email from DTVN about midday yesterday (Aug 8) saying that my local ABC station in Birmingham AL has been added to my lineup. As of 9 pm tonight (Aug 9), it still hasn’t shown up in my lineup.


    KADN Fox in Lafayette, LA showed up and was playing on Tuesday, but it will not load up anymore. It just freezes and gives a 1501 error. Every other channel works fine. I was quite excited to read that email and see it on the guide, but I am now frustrated with it not working anymore. Directv Now just keeps saying that it is not in my local market yet, but it is showing up on my guide after the announcement, just not playing. 😡