CBS Wants to Become More Cord-Cutting Friendly

After years of being wary of cord cutting it looks like CBS is now jumping in with both feet. Part of this push seems to be coming from its growing success with CBS All Access and Showtime’s standalone streaming service which reportedly are on track for 4 million subscribers this year.

Now after years of being unwilling to strike deals with many live TV streaming services, CBS is warming up to the idea. This year CBS struck a deal with Hulu, fuboTV, YouTube TV, and DIRECTV NOW to bring CBS stations to live TV streaming services.

CBS has also started to aggressively roll out locals on PlayStation Vue, which now has CBS in over 70% of American markets. Something that a year ago would have been unthinkable.

Now CBS is not stopping there. This week it announced a new streaming service for sports fans similar to its CBSN news streaming service. Details are thin on what sports it will carry, but it says it will launch by the end of 2017.

CBS Sports has been fairly cord-cutting friendly for some time, streaming college games aired on CBS for free on its website.

CBS also announced good news for its Canadian fans. CBS All Access will be coming to Canada likely in 2018.

Hopefully other networks join the push to become more cord-cutting friendly.

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  • mr Dave

    You want to be more cord cutter friendly make it free with ads instead of putting it behind a paywall! Except for football games and big bang CBS has no must sees for me.

    • mnsportsgeek


      • Ben M

        That is not what he is saying. He is saying quit double dipping. Charging $5.99 AND showing commercials is crap and follows the cable tv model….you pay for the privilege to watch commercials. Should be free with commercials just like OTA and then $5.99 if you do not want to watch commercials.

        • mnsportsgeek

          There is a commercial free option. They could just as well get rid of the ad supported version to make you folks happy. It’s not crap. They clearly feel ad money alone is not worth their time or is not profitable. He’s just pissed that he isn’t getting a huge on demand library for free.

          Doesn’t matter. He’s probably pirating it anyways.

  • Craig W

    Let’s get deal going with Sling TV already. Why would they want to be available on the OTT service with the most subscribers?

    • risingtide

      Sling packages are unfriendly to networks. Like even though they have ABC, very tiny percentage of subscribers have ABC in their packages. Same thing with Fox and NBC. Also, Sling is basically Dish, in the game to spoil it for everyone and push people back to cable. So, they’re doing their best to make cord-cutting unfriendly while at the same time disguising themselves as a cheap, a la carte service to trick customers.

      • Golfluvr13

        SlingTV has the best price per channel options out there. They carry the channels I want for a great price. They also are the only option, except for Hulu’s Live TV, that has my regional Fox Sports network.

        • risingtide

          Pricing per channel means nothing if you don’t get the channels you’re looking for in a cheap package. Like I can’t get my top 4 channels without paying at least $45

  • Jj

    Too expensive