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3 Ways to Save Money as a Cord Cutter

Cord cutting for many is all about saving money, and often cord cutters save $1,000 a year by canceling cable TV. But how do you save money after you cancel cable TV? So here are 3 tips we have to save money after you cancel cable TV. #1 Switch ISPs Probably the biggest cost as […]

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5 Great Roku Channels for Sports Fans

Cord cutters used to have to make a decision between sports and cord cutting. Now it is easier than ever to be a cord cutter and still get access to all the sports you could ever want. Since Sling TV came out, you can even get every ESPN channel and 25+ other channels for just […]

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How to Get a Year of Hulu for Just $30

Hulu is the third-largest streaming service in the United States with about 9 million subscribers, 500 content partners, and over 700 million hours of streamed content. Over the last few months we have been seeing comments about Hulu gift cards being sold on eBay and Amazon for a fraction of the face value: some 12-month […]

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