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The Best Comcast Xfinity Cable Modems Of 2015

Did you know you pay $120 a year in cable modem rentals? Comcast’s Xfinity Internet service charges $10 a month just to rent their cable modem, but there is great news! You can buy your own cable modem and never pay a rental fee on your modem again! After you buy your new modem just […]

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Is the Roku 4 Bigger Than the Nvidia Shield?

On the left is the leaked Roku 4 photo found on, and on the Right is an Nvidia Shield with the 2014 Roku 3 remote. While we can’t get the angle or the distance to the streaming box 100% right, it is safe to say the Roku 4 looks to be much bigger than […]

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What the Roku 4 Needs to Stand Out

A Roku 4 is expected to be out very soon. So, what is needed in a Roku 4 to keep it competitive with the new Fire TV and the new Apple TV? This is not a dream list of everything we want in the Roku 4, but rather a list of what it needs to […]

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Should Apple TV Be Worried about the New Fire TV?

The new Fire TV has been announced and is taking direct aim at the Apple TV. How do they stack up? Should Apple be concerned about the new Fire TV? 4K Surprisingly the Apple TV did not include 4K. Because 4K TVs are dropping quickly in price and more streaming services are adding 4K video […]

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