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One More Nail in the Coffin for DVDs…

The Emmys, who send out previews of potential Emmy Nominees to 18,500 members so they can vote on the year’s winners by DVD, released an email stating they will start sending out Chromecasts. The Academy says this initiative “represents the latest move by the Academy to evolve and enhance the viewing and voting procedures for […]

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YouTube: The Underappreciated Cord-Cutting Tool

Often when people hear “cord cutting,” they think Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon; but there is a huge world of cord-cutting resources besides these three. One of them is in plain sight and is something you probably already use regularly. YouTube is an excellent free streaming service that brings you a wide range of free and […]

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The NFL is about to Release a New Streaming Service

If you have been using the NFL Now app on your Roku and other devices, sadly it is being discontinued. The good news is the NFL is about to launch a new streaming service that could be even more cord cutter friendly. NFL Now allowed NFL fans to watch highlights in a ‘SportsCenter’-esque rundown and […]

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Traveling as a Cord Cutter Just Became Easier

Traveling as a cord cutter can sometimes be painful. Wi-Fi at public spots like airports can be painfully slow, often far too slow to download a movie or TV show between flights. It can be particularly painful when a new show or movie just came out that you want to watch during your flight. To […]

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The Cord Cutting Show Episode 13 – Showtime, Sideclick, Plex.TV Forums Hacked, Fire TV Update, & The Netflix Tax

Today’s show is brought to you by App Shortcuts, a simple launcher for Fire TV. App Shortcuts lets you launch apps and control your Fire TV right from your phone or tablet. For more information visit Episode #13 of The Cord Cutting Show is now online! AFTVnews, CordCuttersNews, and TheStreamingAdvisor have teamed up to bring […]

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Why Hulu Is the Best Way to Get Showtime

Showtime standalone service is now available across the United States. There are a wide range of ways to get Showtime on many different devices but one of these options stands out among the rest. Hulu offers Showtime now as an add-on to their premium Hulu paid service. For just an extra $8.99 per month, you […]

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