Teenager girl with remote control laying down and watching tv eating popcorn.

5 Tips For Setting Up Your TV Antenna

Teenager girl with remote control laying down and watching tv eating popcorn.Now that you’ve chosen the best antenna for your needs, it is time to set it up. You’re going to need a few things, a ladder, drill, wrench, pliers and a coaxial cable.

However, the most important thing you need is patience; it can be a bit of a game moving the antenna here or there to find the right location with the strongest reception. Make sure you have plenty of time to do the job well the first time.

Though before we get started first make sure you can really get that channel you want with that antenna. Go to AntennaRecommendations.com and that site will show you what channels you can get with your antenna.

So now here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your antenna.


In short, make sure to go as high as you can, stay away from metal and other electronics as much as possible, and get an amplifier. As far as the best location for your antenna, it is a game of move it here and test it out, and then move it over there and test it out. After a few tries, you should be able to find the right spot with the strongest signals for your antenna.

As always before you buy an antenna or set it up I highly recommend visiting AntennaRecommendations.com to help make sure you know what you can expect.

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  • Joseph ewing

    If I had used “AntennaRecommendations.com” before I bought my indoor antenna, I never would have. It says I’d get Zero channels with an indoor antenna. I might still be with {gasp}, cable.

    Actually, I get about 18 – all quite clear – including all the networks.

    • Paul Tessmer

      I get 24 channels while your link says “up to 7”.

    • mau47

      Yeah, I found the same thing, that site says I get 0 when I pick up channels from both the Philly and Baltimore market. With the exception of ABC Philly (since it’s low band VHF and the antenna I have doesn’t work with low band VHF) I get all the majors and a bunch of others. Overall I am in high 40’s for channel count most of which I have no interest in though but its a lot more than none.

    • Jason Schwartz

      Did you mount the antenna somewhere special? Like up high or just behind the tv? I am hoping to NOT have to install an antenna on the roof.

      • Robert Frankenfield

        That depends on how far the transmit towers are from your location. In a metro area, an indoor antenna should work fine. If you’re in the suburbs you’ll most likely need an antenna on the roof. You’ll still most likely be able to pick up a couple of channels with an indoor antenna but will get more channels and a better quality signal with the antenna mounted on the roof. Again, it all depends on how far the transmit towers are from your location to determine which type of antenna you’ll need to get the most channels out of it.

  • Vegas Steve

    While this recommended site worked for my location, I would also recommend trying Antennaweb.org. That one gives a map and locations of transmission towers. And definitely higher is better, but some of us don’t want to go up higher than the roof line.

    These sites/maps can only give you an idea. I found that putting up an antenna isn’t hard, getting a really good signal is sometimes problematic.

  • Keith Foster

    Yeah I’m not a big fan of antenna recommendations. It shows I can only get 2 channels with an indoor set up. Funny part is the two it shows I can not get, but all the others I can.

  • Gary Marek

    If I’d used the site that you linked to I never would have cut the cord. It shows that I could get “up to” two channels. In fact I get 42 (although I would only consider about 12 of them to be channels that I actually want to watch). I highly recommend using tvfool.com instead. It includes a wealth of information that was useful in my decision to cut the cord. I don’t mean that to be rude about your recommended site, just suggesting an alternative.